So he replied Mia Khalifa from his criticism for their weight


Just a few days ago Mia Khalifa we impacted at all by his routine extensive exercises that continues in your home, and although we had to stay with the positive message of continue moving, a few users chose to notice that it influencer he was more thin than usual.

What is Mia Khalifa? we ask ourselves, and although we did not have the response that we needed, the former actress of films for adults sent us some subtle messages.

I know your [email protected]

Khalifa uploaded a picture to hand of your spouse and where it appears in the foreground a tattoo that says “Be Yourself” (know yourself).

It is not unusual for Mia upload photos where there appears to her, so this photo could be a great message for herself. “Don’t listen to the opinions of others, be yourself”.

Indirect to their haters

Then it became viral on the physical state of Khalifa, the numbers in your account of Instagram increased significantly, reaching 20 million users.

“Thank you for all your love and your hate. Of all ways to increase my CPM (cost per million. The metric is used to monetize on the internet)”


How do we know that someone is completely healthy? His desire of pizza remain.

Mia also got on their stories of Instagram everything you ate after you do your exercises. Yay for her!