So he trains Alex Morgan during their pregnancy


Molly Darlington – LOVEGetty Images

Probably, along with Megan Rapinoe, one of the most talented footballers of the united States. Alex Morgan play as lead in the Orlando Pride, even though for a while he asked his team a temporary break to focus on their pregnancy. The footballer announced last October that it expected a girl, along with her husband, also a soccer player Servando Carrasco.

But the u.s. has not hung up the boots all over, as it continues training for not to lose the habit. It is another of the celebrities who has decided that his pregnancy (as did Mariam Hernández) is not going to be any impediment to continue betting on life fitnessand , above all, by his great passion: the football. And so we have proved it with this video that Morgan has uploaded to his profile Instagramthat has become viral for several reasons.

“Still has it”, said she in networks, referring to his touch powerful and that ability to score goals, which has earned him to become the player best paid in the world (though we should remember that, even so, comes to 274 times less than Messi). In the video we see how he shoots-to-door with so much force that it is hard to believe that with its advanced state of gestation. “I do not even I am sure I can do this without having a human being growing in my body”, he said with humor one of his followers. Something, by the way, reminds us to Sydney Leroux, who continued to train with his team even during your second trimester of pregnancy.

And is that the majority of the comments in your post are positive and commend the athlete for their talent, whatever your circumstances. However, it has also sparked criticism of the haters, who accuse her of being a little cautious. “That is not good for the baby”, commented a user in the publication. Or “Are you going to leave the child”, we could read (to which we do not know whether to laugh or cry).

The footballer has not commented about it because, quite simply, does not lack: your talent in the ground is more than enough to send to silence its critics. A talent that we will see again in June, when you plan to return to the template of your team. And, so that we can appreciate in his way of training, also will play in the Olympic games of Tokyonext to the selection that captained her friend Megan Rapinoe.