Spider-man 3: Daredevil will not appear in the film with Tom Holland | Marvel | Charlie Cox | Movies and series


The movie universe of Marvel is about to give start, and promises to surprise their followers with new stories. However, the fate of Spider-Man remains one of the more commented by the fans, after the events in Far from home.

Although there are not many details about the storyline of the movie, the rumors about the possible appearance of Daredevil not stopped growing in recent months. In this regard, the actor who gives life to the vigilante crimson on Netflix, Charlie Coxcommented his participation in the film.

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For bad luck of the fanatics, the interpreter denied any possibility of sharing a scene with Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, through the social networks. However, he clarified that they would appear in a future film MCU when you are able.

“As a fan of the Marvel movies, I loved the little things that appear here and there, but because we were on Netflix, we were not able to do so for legal reasons, I don’t know why,” explained Cox.

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Also, he said that he would love his character appears in the background along with Jessica Jones or that Murdock is a lawyer that can advise legally to Peter Parkerafter his identity was revealed by Mysterio.

The third installment of Spider-Man had its release date scheduled for July of 2021, but was delayed to November of the same year by the pandemic coronavirus. Do you have to lose?