“Stranger Things” will return to Netflix on Halloween 2020


The 4th season of “Stranger Things” you have eight episodes, the same as the 1st and 3rd and one less than season 2, which consisted of nine. The filming of the that will, almost certainly, the latest installment of the creation of the brothers Duffer, will begin in January 2020, and is expected to extend until August of that same year.
As reported by TVLine, it will be in the summer of 2020 when the first teasers and trailers of the season, as happened in previous installments, even though the wait for fans could also be extended to the next Halloweenas happened with season 2.

“Stranger Things”the series of Netflix created by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer signed its fourth season last September, putting an end to the rumors about a possible cancellation. The teaser that launched the platform, accompanied by the mysterious phrase “we are no longer in Hawkings“it created a huge expectation among the fans, who have already developed a multitude of theories.

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“Stranger Things” is starring Winona Rider, Millie Bobbie Brown, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard or Gaten Matarazzo, among other names. The series, which has 6 Emmy nominations, has become one of the titles star of Netflix, with its peculiar aesthetic homage to the decade of the 80. In fact, the third season was the series most watched in the platform during the last year with more than 64 million views.
Initially conceived as a fiction of 5 seasons, “Stranger Things” will come to an end with this fourth and final installment in which your characters will move beyond Hawkings.