The 10 keys of Chris Pratt to be in the form


The physical changes that has experienced Chris Pratt there have been many and varied. Went from a body offset to fat big, for after losing all those extra pounds and look stunning musclesthat now does not mark as much but still looking very proud.

As he recounted in an interview, the most drastic change was to be able to play Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. “He weighed more than 136 pounds, but I lost up to 100 pounds for Guardians of the Galaxy. In that moment I decided that I was not going to re-weigh as much as before, and to do this I started a new style of life, not drank or went out much, I had my son and I made up my life,” explained Pratt. And there it has remained the actor, because he has managed to find a balance in your physical, which is curra much as we see in the publications that you share on your profile Instagram. The actor dares to CrossFit and even has told that the diet that follows is based on the Old Testament.

We tell you what has been tricks from Chris Pratt to lose weight and what things do you do today to stay in shape.

1 – Swimming and cardio. The majority of your training sessions include cardiovascular exercises on the treadmill, which alternates with other methods to burn fat like swimming.

2 – Circuit of abs. Pratt chisel your abdominals-based circuits formed by various exercises. You can also do with this that we propose to you.

3 – daily Training. The actor spends three or four hours a day in the gym machacándose the body.

4 – don’t look back. “I don’t miss feeling sick, depressed, and lethargic. That life is like a photo negative of how I live now. I feel fantastic: when I see a hill, my first thought is: I can climb that!”, said Pratt in an interview.

5 – it is Not a matter of a day. Results physical have no place in the night to the morning, as he told Chris Pratt his physical changes took many months of constant training and daily.

6 – Well hydrated. Pratt also mentioned that their water consumption increased drastically. The water is an important way to replenish, especially in a deficit and during workouts exhausting.

7 – bye-Bye, beer. “Six months no beer”, hurt the actor, while reducing this kind of beverage has played an important role in its transformation.

8 – With help. Given that you travel a lot, Pratt has to adapt when it comes to workouts, you need the help of a personal trainer that guides you through. “In London I had a personal trainer and a gym on the set of the shoot. And when I’m in Los Angeles, I’m going to Unbreakable, the fitness of Jay Glazer”.

9 – Good fed. The key to his transformation was a correct food, which does not imply that it should happen a hunger as their intake is around 3,000 calories easily burned during your workouts and after conditioning.

10 – Boxing and kickboxing. The actor also trust your physique to these sports, as çel recognizes, to burn some extra calories. “It is a great form of cardio, but find it boring to be running on a treadmill. I enjoy more doing kickboxing while working hard.”