The 15 gifts most expensive that have made the famous


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Everyone has fantasized about you ever with what you would do if you were rich. There are some who have very clear what I would buy first: yachts, houses, cars, motorcycles… and other thing that are clear is that they would cease to work and instead devote their time to traveling the world. However, almost everyone agrees with nice detail, and is able to make great gifts to the people that we want to. At least, all those that I have talked about fantasies wealthy have declared that they would love to be able to make incredible gifts to your partner, your friends or your family, especially your parents. Fortunately and unfortunately, there are that people can do that kind of gifts on an almost daily basis, and it is that celebrities do not skimp when making gifts to their loved ones.

The 15 gifts most expensive that have made the famous

In fact, it is such a waste I have made some of them to make gifts today have become almost a milestone. In this article I’ve managed to gather the 15 most iconicand is that , in addition to glitzy, many famous nor are cut at the time of making gifts extravagant. What is not in doubt is that the envy of the wake base well, because to see who does not like to wake up Christmas morning knowing that under the tree, waiting for gifts valued in the millions of dollars.

The gifts most expensive in the history of celebrity

The 15 gifts most expensive - David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

David Beckham with his wife Victoria: There are famous able to spend on a single gift of money that one person on foot can gain throughout your life. Such is the case of David Beckham and his wife Victoriabecause I do not doubt that he left several millions of dollars that Christmas in who gave her a bag embedded diamonds, a collar of rubies and a Rolls Royce Phantom custom. Almost nothing. The truth is that this iconic couple is not short of rooms, but it doesn’t stop be surprised how far you can reach the ostentation of some famous.

Alec Andon his girlfriend Alexa Dellanos: Speaking of Birkin, Alec Andon also gave this expensive bag to his girlfriend, Alexa Dellanos. And, again, gave it a special touch, since Andon is a renowned artist and painted the bag to make it a unique piece. Now Alexa can include in your collection one of the Birkin most exclusive in the world, and all thanks to her boyfriend.

The 15 gifts most expensive - Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West to his wife Kim Kardashian: Kanye West is not far behind when it’s your turn to make gifts to Kim Kardashian, his wife. In a birthday you a whopping figure of 150 gifts, among which were a Birkin, that comes out to be a bag incredibly difficult to achieve, but it is also got it with outstanding detail, as it contained details hand made by the artist George Condo. I don’t want to know the amount of money that had to move to make that transaction.

Jude Law to Sienna Miller: Another romantic gift and offensively expensive handed Jude Law to his then-girlfriend Sienna Miller, which possessed an incredible mansion in London. The gift in question was a piano Baby Grand restored engalanase this mansion with luxury. But that’s not all, the fat comes now: inside the piano hid a diamond ring and sapphires valued at over four million dollars. Total, to break shortly, but the intention is what counts (for them, of course).

The 15 gifts most expensive - Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears

Jennifer Lopez to Britney Spears: But be careful, the diva latina is not limited to receiving gifts, also knows how to make them, and not only to their partners, with which it neither falls short. There are some who believes that she and Britney Spears they are rivals, but nothing could be further from the reality. What is certain is that are fairly close, the type of friends that give away details and, during one of the performances of Britney in Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez did get some beautiful shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti valued at almost $ 2,000.

Tyga on Kylie Jenner: Tyga it is also of fireworks. Despite the fact that his relationship with Kylie Jenner is controversial and intermittent, the gifts that are given to make you can leave ojiplático. When Kylie turned 18, and he gave a Ferrari target, and makes a few Christmases surprised her with a beautiful ring custom made. That take 8 years and began his interrupted relationship when she was underage best to leave it for another day.

The 15 gifts most expensive - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt: Do not forget, either, the impressive birthday gift that made him Angelina Jolie her then-husband Brad Pitt. Gave him a waterfall. But it is not a waterfall for the garden, tiny home, no. A waterfall with all of the letters. A field integer with a waterfall to grant him a part of the planet for himself, although his intention was to quit acting for a while to be able to build a house for him and his family.

The brand Goyard to Kris Jenner: Also, within this family, we saw that Kris Jennerthe mother of the tribe Kardashian received for Christmas an incredibly expensive bag of the French brand Goyard, a mark of a prestige surreal, as we indicate in this shop. A plug-in that comes to the hair, as you can read at the top of the briefcase “rich as fuck” for if we have not discovered that they have plenty of money.

The 15 gifts most expensive - Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Alex Rodriguez to Jennifer Lopez: In this list could not miss Jennifer Lopez, an icon of the Latin culture. For his birthday, his partner Alex Rodriguez gave him a ring with a special meaning to them, but as we don’t know, we’re just as happy to tell you that cost 86,000 dollars, a figure that removes the hiccups. However, his current partner is not the only one that has made him expensive gifts, as Marc Anthony in his time also he had the tickets. Back in 2004, the singer gave Jennifer sandals lacquered in gold of almost 24,000 dollars.

Katy Perry to Russell Brand: Another gift that stands out both for its cost as its extravagance is the trip to the space given to her Katy Perry to Russell Brand when you were still together. Who would not pay for a ride spatial? In the same line of gifts out of the ordinary, the pony that gave it to you Maluma his girlfriend Natalia Barulich nor was it cheap.

The 15 gifts most expensive - and Offset-Cardi B

Offset to Cardi B: Cardi B, for its part, was thanks to her boyfriend Offset a Lamborghini valued at over 200 thousand dollars. They were in different cities, but the Offset told her that she had fainted during a career journey to Atlanta and she, neither short nor lazy, he flew immediately to that city. As one who take the bus

Courtney Cox to Jennifer Aniston: And, finally, a gift that to me it seems at least curious, but that it does not appear as one of the most expensive taking into account the type of gift. Courtney Coxthe actress, who played Monica Geller in Friends for an entire decade, it spent $ 12,000 on a bike Chanel for her best friend, Jennifer Aniston. It is seen that there weren’t cheaper.

The 15 gifts most expensive - Beyonce Jay-Z

Beyoncé Jay-Z: If all of these gifts you have seemed to care, eyes at the diva par excellence. Beyoncé had the detail of giving him to her husband, Jay-Z, a private jet valued at forty million, but not stayed there. I guess I would realize that I couldn’t go by plane everywhere, so we also purchased a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, valued also at two million.

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