The 4 best documentary to celebrate the Day of the Animal


Little by little Netflix you are going to nourish its catalog with content of all kinds, and, although almost always the searchlights point to their series of arguments, fortunately the lovers of the documentary found on the platform a wide range where there are even some from our own production. Between the series or movies of the genre more interesting and related to the Day of the Animal being celebrated this April 29, we have selected four that we believe are the best for maratonear and enjoyr. Because, what else did they do the documentaries about the territories that show us how is the animal life which we do not have access to?


Our planet

It is the most ambitious project of Netflix within the documentary, a production that featured the participation of more than 600 people who worked for four years in over 50 countries. It is a tribute to the Earth that at once seeks to create awareness of the damage qeu we caused. In its original English version is narrated by Sir David Attenborough, british scientist and one of the greatest communicators of the natural world. For the Spanish version was Penelope Cruz the rapporteur and Salma Hayek for the Latin american.

It is ideal to marvel at the beauty of our home, filmed in high definition, looks at the lives in jungles exotic and the deepest seas over eight episodes.

The land of night

When the sun sets, a different world wakes up. New technologies capture the wonder of the planet and its inhabitants in a way never seen. Here you can see the face of unknown landscapes and the animal world’s most spectacular, from the hunting of lions to vampires with its wings outstretched. Is a premiere, recent, this year, consisting of six episodes, and the story in English of actress Samira Wiley (Orange is the New Black).

Dancing with the birds


Another documentary original of Netflix, narrated by in English by the remarkable actor Stephen Fry and Omar Chaparro in Spanish. It is a visit very particular to the majestic birds of paradise to discover their mating rituals, that include dances captivating and the metamorphosis more dazzling.

Romania indomitable

Beyond the tumult urban in Romania, there is a natural world that is secret and magical than we ever imagined. This film celebrates the beauty, bucolic and ecological diversity of the landscape of this southeastern european countrydiscovering the splendor and the harmony of its majestic mountains, its ancient forests and vast wetlands. Between all of that, and in the foreground, the richness of its wildlife.