The “bestial bikini!” of the bride of Maluma (Natalia Barulich) as Natti Natasha


video Maluma on the beach

August 26, 2019
(19:46 CET)

Natalia Barulich it is a cannon. The model and actress continues to teach its spectacular reasons that led him to captivate the singer Maluma, who did not hesitate to go out with her as soon as he got to know in person.

In your last image looks to the cuban-Croatian vacation in Mykonos (Greece) with a blue bikini that has been the good pleasure of his followers, as it has more than 250,000 likes in a very short time.

The figure is very high for the new celebrity who has arrived this summer to two million followers on the social network. And the comments have been very favourable, commenting on all his attire: “you Beast bikini!”.

Natalia Barulich

To what Natti Natasha

The world of reggeatton is very related and seems to quen Natalia Barulich has among its references to the singer of trap Natti Natashawho wears bikinis similar in your vacation, something that you have been a follower of the friend of Becky G.

And is that Natti Natasha brand trend wherever it goes. He has not had much time to become an authentic reference in the world of the show.

The body gym

The bride of Maluma, Natalia Barulich, is converting your followers into customers of its methods of work. Since the model is making promotion continuous of their diets, methods of thinning and exercises in the gym.

In this last one stands out, as she has always said that the gym has been what has led to have this spectacular physical that it currently owns.