The decision of the judge in the preliminary hearing of the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard


The actor Johnny Depp imposed on his ex-wife Amber Heard a complaint $ 50 million for defamation following the article of opinion that it wrote in 2018, ensuring to be a victim of abuse during her marriage.

The legal process takes months to develop and has known the participation of several public figures in the print preview as Javier Bardem, Winona Ryder, Paul Bettany or Penelope Cruz.

Now the case has been a breakthrough and, according to published Yahoo!the judge Bruce White has issued its ruling on the request of a dismissal of the attorneys of Heard.

As well, the request has been rejected and the case will go to trial as they have been found sufficient basis for the demand. The team Heard has responded with a press release:

“The decision today left in the hands of a jury decide the meaning of the article of Ms. Heard and the truth about what he said. As we have always said, the courts have strong mechanisms for establishing the truth and we continue to have confidence that Ms. Heard will win the trial when the jury see the evidence in question and decide if she was abused by Mr. Depp”.

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