The dirty work that was Chris Hemsworth before becoming an actor


United States.- The handsome Hollywood actor, Chris Hemsworthduring the show Jimmy Fallon revel, which was the dirty work that was long before becoming the beloved celebrity that it is today, when only tena 14 years of age, which has impacted the presenter and the world.

Hemsworth, Fallon and Kumail Nanjiani they were playing ‘Truth or Lie’, in which everyone must make a confesin and the other to guess if it was a cheating, something that she thought that she was the presenter for his work as a teenager was too amazing to l.

The interpreter of ‘Thor’ has confessed that working during his teenage years for a company that rented a breast pump for women, which the need to clean up the dried milk of this and sanitize it, besides to repair them if they presented problems.

Not only cleaned, also repaired. You already know that every pump has a rubber strap for the engine succin and dems”, confes Hemsworth.

Immediately his companions made faces when they hear it, but Jimmy assured him that it was too great to be real, so said the star of Marvel was lying, however, the husband of Elsa Pataky assured him that it was true to what Fallon sac out his good sense of humor and mention that if not pruned to get one of them by eBay.

You know the women who used these breastpumps that Chris Hemsworth lav these breastpumps? You can buy on eBay?”, brome Jimmy.

Source: Huff Post