The formula of Kate Beckinsale for a flat belly


If there is someone who can deal with Britney Spears on ‘innovation’ in the workouts is concerned, that is certainly Kate Beckinsale. Its 46 years, the actress is in full form, not missing even a day at the gym and he has shown he can be an authentic guru of the ‘fitness’.

And is that the protagonist of ‘The widow’ is commonly share on social networks exercises that will mark his personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, who has also worked with other celebrities such as Khloé Kardashian, Amber Heard or Jennifer Lopez. Each one of the workouts inspiration, even the craziest, have proved to be really effective, such as squats on a toilet which left us with the mouth open. Because that is what has happened with your last routine.

Kate Beckinsale part of the long list of celebrities devoted to the boxinglike Halle Berry, who on more than one occasion he has spoken of his passion for this sport, or Hiba Abouk, who has chosen this discipline to begin the new course fitness. However, what is remarkable about the actress ‘Pearl Harbor’ is that hitting a dummy while ago abdominal. Yes, at the same time.

With an effect to slow motion, in the video you can see the actress lying in a sit-up bench with the foot caught in the rollers, and after making the corresponding movement to the machine, launches two direct to the mannequin that his coach has placed right in front of her. Without stopping, Kate repeat the exercise several times.

Although some of his followers to criticize the technique of the actress, what is certain is that the combination ‘boxing + abs‘it is perfect to get in shape. In addition burn calories, improve endurance and ending with the bat wings thanks to boxing, to incorporate the abdominal it will help you to get a flat belly. Or what is the same, it is a routine that is intense but very effective. Both liked the video Kate Beckinsale who in one day accumulated to more than seven hundred thousand views. An inspiration for those who have already been involved in the gym after the rentrée.