The great fortune of Jennifer Aniston More than 20MDD the year!


At the start of the decade of the 2000s Jennifer Aniston became the actress the best paid in all of television, what made it slowly out making a large fortune, which has led her to earn thousands of dollars a year, as their immense wealth is valued at nothing more and nothing less than $ 300 million, as well as revealed the acclaimed site Celebrity Net Worth.

It is worth mentioning that a large part of this is due to its amazing role in the comedy series from Warner Bros. ‘Friends’, where she played ‘Rachel Green’ for almost ten years. According to the information revealed by the already mentioned site, each protagonist of the series won 22,500 per episode in the first season, however, thanks to the exponential success that this had, the members of the cast were able to reach an agreement with the company to increase his salary to a million dollars per episode in the last seasons, which gives a total of 42 millions of dollars in profits just for his role in the series over the past two years.

To that we must add everything that Jennifer has earned due to his work on the seventh art, as during 1997 and 2011, the actress pocketed $ 75 millionbeing the film ‘Just Go With It’ where she worked with Adam Sandler, the movie that more of the money provided to Aniston, as he received 10 million dollars for acting in this.

Also, throughout his career he has collaborated with various brands such as Smartwater, Emirates, Eyelove and Aveeno, receiving another $ 10 million a year for sponsorship. All of this has given as result that the ‘actress’Friends’ to be a creditor of more than $ 20 million a year, adding up to 300 million; of course, not to mention that in 2019 became the actress the best paid in the streaming platforms, winning a million dollars per episode in ‘The Morning Show’.

Jennifer Aniston still receives royalties from ‘Friends’

Another major income of the actress are the royalties that each member of the cast of ‘Friends’ still receive more than 10 years of having been terminated the series, as these earn between 10 and 20 million dollars because of the huge success of Warner Bros. it continues to generate profits of a trillion dollars a yearthis thanks to the union, as well as the millionaires contracts with various streaming platforms to bring the series to the Internet.