The lesson of Google Emilia Clarke

The star of ‘Game of Thrones’ has admitted that refuses to “link” what other people “perceive as success or failure,” with its own “self-esteem”, so that avoids reading about herself online.

In statements to the magazine Body and Soul, he said: “do Not look for me in Google, I do not watch anything” . And that, to m, this is the recipe of success in the treatment of the fame and any failure later.

“The necessary very early, after my first year [en ‘Game of Thrones’] and especially after my brain hemorrhage, not to read anything” . If you’re trying to not tie your self-esteem with what other people perceive as success, then t

The star of ‘last Christmas’ admiti above that is so known as the “prompting of anxiety.”

Emilia salt to international fame for her role as Queen Daenerys Targaryen in the series of fantasa HBO and admiti that the celebrity status that he has caused can be difficult at times.

She said: “I Now recognize ms. Sometimes you walk down the street and someone says” Wah “. I am very cautious with respect to my anonymity. You know, I like to go to the butcher and talk and it’s something normal” . I like the interaction human. What I value, what I appreciate. It is what makes me feel happy. Then, when that leads someone to look at it another way, you can be increblemente difficult. Can induce anxiety.”

The actress of 33 years refuses to scroll through postings on line about her or the program, as he feels that is not good for your “mental health”.

She said: “I Never busqu en Google. Never anything about the program. Absolutely nothing. I don’t find it useful for my mental health.”

Emilia revel previously that has a “rule” to not Google herself.

She admiti: “he Never looked at the internet. I have a rule: we simply don’t

I search in Google ” . I’m in the social networks but don’t look at the things that other people I tagged because it bothers me. up.

“If you hate me, I don’t need to know” .

I can barely look at me on the screen, as I keep at a great distance, and if someone says something really lovely,

And then, if it is something wrong, my mam I probably dir “.

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