The new series of Apple TV+ will be starring Hailee Steinfeld!


Emily Dickinson, american poet, he has already earned his own series in the will be reincarnated by the actress Hailee Steinfeld. It will be premiered on Apple TV+ the 1 of November.

This production, which is set in the NINETEENTH century, tells a story of initiation. From there is displayed, in a humorous way, to Dickinson as a spontaneous heroine from the generation millennial.

During the half-hour episodes, Dickinson reflects on the life of the legendary poet at the time, that explores, with a flamboyant style, the restrictions that the society, gender and the family that implataban on women in the America of the NINETEENTH century.

The first trailer announced on the official channel of Apple TV+ see more details of the work and especially the song “Afterlife”. The theme is written and is characteristic of Steinfeld.