The new swimsuit of Jennifer Lopez, she shows the back! as you’ve never seen


April 30, 2020
(14:47 CET)

The coronavirus threat the summer. The numbers are stabilizing, but all indications are that there will be nothing returned to normal in the summer period.

The situation is improving little by little

In this sense, Spain has registered 268 dead more for the COVID-19some 60 less than the previous day. And have just been detected 518 new cases. Numbers are very encouraging with respect to days and weeks earlier. But ours is still one of the most affected countries.

Specifically, Spain it is the second country with more cases detected, with a total of 236.899 infectedbehind only the 1.064.737 cases detected in States United states.

In addition, the Spanish state is the third with more deaths. Include 24.275 deceasedbehind only the 27.682 of Italy or 61.670 US.

So, people in Spain and around the world are still battling the disease and looking forward to finish everything at once. Or at least to improve of face to the summer period.

The swimsuit of Jennifer Lopez that you have not seen

For example, the user who has posted the post I share below. “Crown better die before summer cause if all my plans get cancelled I’m – ??, ” writes in the text, which would translate as “Crown, better to die before the summer, because if all my plans are canceled, I’m ??”.

But what more calls the attention of the publication is not the text, but the photo that accompanies it. An image that appears in the Jennifer Lopez we had not seen. The diva Bronx poses in the sun with an original and sophisticated bathing suit, which leaves to view something more of the account in the lower area of your back.

“Spectacular”, “Impressive”, “I want that bathing suit” or “I Wish we can see Jennifer Lopez thus taking the sun this summer”, writing several internet users.