The rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is sentenced to 2 years in prison for extortion


(CNN) — Tekashi 6ix9ine, the flamboyant rapper from Brooklyn who carried out a series of violent crimes before they give reports about their former associates of the gang, was sentenced to two years in prison on Wednesday.

The rapper has pleaded not guilty to charges of racketeering, possession of firearms and drug trafficking related to several shootings and assaults in the city of New York. He was also sentenced to five years probation plus 300 hours of community service. Because he has already served about 13 months behind bars, must be released by the end of next year.

At the time of the ruling, judge Paul Engelmayer said that Tekashi 6ix9ine, born Daniel Hernandez, was a “central figure in a gang of brutal and evil”. Engelmayer said that caused chaos in the town and used the gang as his “squadron staff”.

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However, the judge balanced these crimes with the full cooperation of the rapper with the government investigators. Prosecutors had asked for a reduced sentence due to his cooperation “extraordinary” and “substantial.”

His lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, had asked the court to put to time served, highlighting the risks they took Hernandez to cooperate with the government. Hernandez gave researchers a “privileged view” of the gang of Nine Trey, wrote Lazzaro in court documents, and even testified against two expandilleros.

In court, Hernandez spoke of his remorse and how he failed to the young fans who admire it. He emphasized that it would change its ways when I got out of prison. Also apologized directly with a woman who told the court that he was shot in the foot in a shooting in July of 2018 in Brooklyn.

“I am sorry that happened to you that day,” Hernandez said.

The amazing rise and dramatic fall of Tekashi 6ix9ine began when the young 23-year-old burst onto the rap scene with “GUMMO” and its music video in October of 2017. With 360 million views on YouTube, the video shows the rapper with the hair color of the rainbow and face tattooed surrounded by guns, drugs, piles of cash and a group of people dressed in red, the color associated with the Bloods gang.

But Hernandez was not really a gang member when he made that video. He said that he used the gang Nine Trey to increase your credit street and, in turn, helped to finance the operations of the gang, according to the sentencing memorandum from the government.

After the success of “GUMMO”, which reached number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, he continued making music and collaborated with Nicki Minaj in his song 2018 “FEFE”.

6ix9ine apologizes

But his career was slowed down in November when it was accused along with other alleged members of the gang known as the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods of serious federal offences, including organized crime.

The u.s. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Geoffrey S. Berman, said that the gang caused havoc in the city of New York, participating in acts of violence brazen”. Prosecutors said in court documents that he and other members of a gang that carried out a shooting in march 2018 in Times Square, a shooting in April 2018 at the Barclays Center, a shooting in June of 2018 at the W Hotel in Times Square and more.

Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to nine charges in February, including extortion, and reported on their partners, according to court documents. Testified as a witness during the trials of Anthony Ellison and Aljermiah Mack, both convicted of serious crimes, wrote to Lazzaro.

In a letter to the judge filed last week, apologized for its crimes, by joining the gang and by “described deceptively” to his fans.

“Now I know that I regret what happened because I was blessed with the gift of an opportunity that most people dream of, but the wasted when I got involved with the wrong people and describe myself falsely when I should have been true to myself and my fans,” wrote Hernandez.

“I feel sorry for the victims that were affected by my actions, by my fans who I admired and were deceived, for my family that depends on me and by this court by this disaster to which I contributed”.

Lazzaro portrayed Hernandez as a young man who joined the gang Nine Trey to promote his career of rap and support your family.

“Mr. Hernandez is a rap artist who foolishly joined Nine Trey Gansta Bloods (hereinafter, the” Nine Trey “) in an attempt to promote a personality of gangster that would help you to sell your music and advance your career”, wrote Lazzaro in the presentation.

Two victims of an armed robbery in April of 2018 gave statements shocking to the court to say that the attack was orchestrated by Hernandez, had caused a severe stress and left them in constant fear for their lives.

“Why is this person, that almost ends with my life, should I be free when I am I not free?”, wrote a victim, a 33 year old man not identified in court documents.

Hernandez was previously arrested in 2015 by shooting a person under the age of 13 engaged in sexual acts and posting the video on Instagram, according to the sentencing memorandum from the government. He pleaded guilty to the use of a child in a kind of sexual activity and was sentenced to probation, prosecutors said.