the reason for her look less successful


A great saying in the fashion states that the whole becomes, as trends that, for decades, were the latest news readaptan to the current time on the catwalk. The latest example of this is what we are living right now with the aesthetics of the 90’s and early 2000’s. What has long been considered one of the stages less flattering, it is the new object of desire for designers to more well-known in the world. The chokers, the crop top style scarf or the pants cuffed are some garments that confirm that we are in its second golden age. But, does that mean that all of the “looks” of that time turn to be a success? According to Justin Timberlake yes, until the mix is more controversial in your album of memories… And is that the artist has wished to remember, almost 20 years later, which was one of her outfits most discussed (and not just by entering in the category of best-dressed).

Britney and Justin

Yes, we refer to that look cowboy, from the head to the feet, which led in 2001 to the American Music Awards, which you can see on these lines. Analysis the combination of american denim with trousers to match and a hat of the same fabric, it was a little mixture typical. But the fact that Britney Spearshis partner at that time, wearing a long dress also in the material made her posed on the red carpet is becoming one of the images of the decade. What the former singer of NSYNC has stated in an interview to The Daily Popcast is that, however much in his day that choice was criticized, could re-take it (and with style) today.

Britney and Justin

“Could you molar taking that today”, he went on to say defending the eye-catching combination. But however much they imagine the styles of 20 years ago in a current event, confessed that it had much to do with his emotional state that night. In the end, the feelings for the interpreter Oops!… I did it again they had their part of guilt in the choice of the look. As the own Justin recognized “you do a lot of things when you are young and you are in love”. A phrase that could also be applied to David and Victoria Beckham, who became another of the couples, much imitated in the decade by their looks.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

What is certain is that, set cowboy apart, Justin and Britney not only revolutionised the music scene, also were two style icons for a whole generation. The two singers remained in the wake of the trends as we reveal some of the images of your love story. Dresses lenceros, coats with fur, leather jackets… in The end, when creating the mixtures separately managed to impress a lot more to their fans than that gala occasion at which it is played with the double denim.