The reason why Anna Kendrick was hospitalized


Actress Anna Kendrick has had to be admitted to an Atlanta hospital as a result of the pain and other setbacks experienced on account of some bad kidney stones, an ailment of which she has informed all of his Twitter followers by making use of this contagious sense of humor that so many successes has brought him in the background of the comic movies.

Anna Kendrick gives thanks to the doctors and nurses

Anna Kendrick
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“I have to give thanks to all the doctors and nurses in Atlanta who have helped me through my first experience tied to some stones in the kidney, especially in those moments of vulnerability that I was so scared. I would like to greet in a special way to Renee, Sandra, Muriel, Beverly, Nina and Callie”, has written the interpreter in your personal account.

Although currently it is not able to remember the name of one of the other nurses who has been attending you during your stay at the medical center, the artist has not hesitated to share one of the amusing anecdotes that arise from your admission to hospital, that time is not known until when they are extended.

“What is the name of the young girl whose name starts with ‘L’? I don’t remember, but I have to say that gave me some headache until I began to feel better. And also; but thou didst laugh with my stupid joke of ‘If I die, delete my search history on the internet’. So thank you very much,” he added in the same string of messages to tweeters.

By Bang Showbiz @CARASmexico
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