The remix of Cardi B screaming “Coronavairuuuuus” that is exploding the internet


Already got creative

The leisure more the creativity we give results quite curious and as a great part of the world population is opting to stay at home, whether having a home office, or classes in line apparently we have a little bit of time to spare.

Thanks to the creative with the extra time we have gems of the internet as we will talk about today.

Cardi B is distinguished by many things, among them is that it has expressions that immediately we can relate them to her, as “okuuuuuuuuuurr”
For more information see this paqueña interview he did with Jimmy Fallon

But back to the point, Cardi B is quite a character as expressed in each one of the things he says. In recent days, famous celebrity have tried to bring a light to his fans, reminding them that they need to wash their hands, it’s best to stay at home or, for example, Cardi B telling coronavirus

A not what he unleashed on someone who did a great remix with a great video by one issue or another they loved it all I feel a remix viral on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even WhatsApp anda circulating already this ringtone. Not far away the posivilidad that the audio reaches Tik Tok and out of nowhere there is already a new challenge (or there already is?). The hilarious video has until Elmo giving it her all with this pace so pegajozo.

Here is the remix, my congratulations to the creator