The secrets of Halle Berry to wear in their 52 years


When Halle Berry it is heard that the director Chad Stahelski I was looking for an actress that could embody convincingly a killer, ruthless and an expert in close combat for the third installment of John Wick, titled ‘Parabellum’the Hollywood star didn’t think twice before appearing in his office and tell him that she was the more indicated for this role.

The prospect of undergoing a hard training before the shooting was, in his case, one more reason to be done with the character and his absolute dedication has managed to impress even the filmmaker, something not easy in view that he began his career in the industry as a double action.

In your account of Instagram, Halle has been documenting some of their training sessions under the hashtag #FitnessFriday or Friday of fitness and the fruits of your effort are more than evident.

“These guys have made me work hard. I had never left so the skin, never in all my life, as I have done for this character. It is also true that I have never encountered in such good shape, both mental as physical and it’s all thanks to that I have been able to train with the best. That is one of the advantages”he explained it in statements to the portal ET Online.

Over the last few months, as she has been in charge of the show on their social networks, the interpreter 52-year-old has made his first steps in boxing, has conducted exercises of cardio and strength with tyre giant and has discovered the benefits of the bags bulgarians-a heavy piece of equipment in the form of a crescent – to maintain its impressive physical appearance.

By Bang Showbiz @CARASmexico
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