The sound of Puerto Rico’s foot-stomping on the Billboard Argentina Hot 100


“Tusa” continues at the top of the ranking for 16 weeks. The song Karol G and Nicki Minaj holds the record in Billboard Argentina Hot 100. J Balvin is the artist with more participation in the ranking. Tik Tok mark their mark on the chart.

In the week of may 5, the colombian artist, Camilo Echeverry Correa continues in the 2nd with his single “Favorite“. The rabbit, Bad Bunnyhas 8 songs in the Billboard Argentina Hot 100, two inside the Top 10. “I dirty dancing Alone“ is kept in the 3° and the following: “Safaera” next to Jowell & Randy and Ñengo Flow, sign in to the 4th. Both songs are part of his latest album, YHLQMDLG.

‘Dance Monkey’, of Tones And Ishut down your participation in the 5th. Toni Elizabeth Watson, his real name, managed to ascend and left behind to “Pull It Pa’ Lante” of Daddy Yankee in the 6°. The top 10 continues with a double presence of Rauw Alejandro. In the 7°, along with Farruko in “Fantasies” and on the 8th with their single “Tattoo”. Sech and Arcangel occupy the 9° “you Still With Him” and “Move it” adds another title within the Top 10 the king of reggaeton, Daddy Yankee, along with Nicky Jam.

In the Top 10 of the Billboard Argentina Hot 100 there are 2 songs of Bad Bunny2 , Rauw Alejandro and 2 of Daddy Yankee. Plus, with 11 songs inside, J Balvin is the man with the most titles in the chart. Your participation starts with the collaboration with The Black Eyed Peas, “RHYTHM” in the 11°. His last album, Colors, “Purple”, “Red”, “Yellow” and “White” are among the 100 most played songs.

The hot shot debut managed the re-entry of “Counting Dots”, of Don Patricio and Cross Cafuné. The song re-entered the chart also has a remix version together with Anitta and Rauw Alejandro. The song that best entered the chart for the first time is “Relationship”of Sechin position 73°. It was a good week for the panamanianthat also re-entered the 84° “Ignorant”, next to the rabbit, Bad Bunny.

The group miami CNCO and Natti Natasha they made their debut with “Honey Boo” in the 80°. It was also a great week for the dominican, who came back to treading within the chart at 88° together with Becky G, with “No Pajamas”. Following readmission to the hospital, “Go”, a song from the last album Bad Bunny,YHLQMDLG, re-entered in the 89°.

In the 93°, Mary Becerra re-entered with “Let It Pass”, the song that had made its debut the week of February 2. In the 94°, the puerto rican Nio Garcia he made his debut next to Bryant Myers in “Night”.

Continue adding songs in the English language. The most interesting fact is that Tik Tok begins to have repercursión the ranking. In addition to ‘Say So’ of Doja Cat (19°), which is part of a challenge of the app, ‘Savage’, by Megan Thee Stallion managed to debut in the 95°. The song is also the soundtrack of another one of the challenges is internal. ‘Roses’, of SAINt JHNalso music from a challenge, he entered in the last position of the Billboard Argentina Hot 100.