The two tools of Sephora must haves for a massage, facial anti-aging at home better than that of Eugenia Silva


Now that you already know everything a facial massage you can do for your skin and you’ve tried it at home with your own hands as you do it religiously Eugenia Silva each time you leave the shower, it is time to increase the performance and add two tools superlative of which may (or may not) have already heard.

Part of an old ritual beauty asian that includes the benefits of the minerals of the rose quartz and the jade stone. We talk about the classic roller and of an uneven piece that is succeeding in Sephora and you are able to tone and sculpt the face long-term, and this translates into a smoother skin surface, more smooth, more luminous and therefore younger. Some famous as Hailey Baldwin and Vanessa Hudgens have surrendered to the tools of the brand signature these products.

Two face accessories to increase the intensity of the gymnastics facial and they are perfect to get started in the also known as massage Gua Sha. How do I use them? It is essential to have the skin completely clean and choose to use a facial oil on which to begin to perform the massage.

Both the roller face as the piece are carved so that they fit all the contours of the face, so any choice is valid. The thick part of the roller facial Skin Gym (32,95 eur) it is perfect for the larger areas of the face, such as the forehead, cheekbones, neck, or jaw. Beam movements, always from bottom-up and from the inside to the outside.

In terms of the piece, also Skin Gym (32,95 eur) and also available in quartz or jade, it is ideal to arrive perfectly to the eye contour, the barcode, the nasolabial fold, the brow bone or to the blissful sides of the nose.

The bad news is that they are depleting non-stop and already have a waiting list at Sephora. What you’re aiming for?