The worrying physical change of the actress of adult film Mia Khalifa


News International.

Rumors on social networks about what happens, ranging from depression to the loss of a baby. The discussion also concerned by the machismo structure that reveals this situation.

The famous Mia Khalifa, exactriz lebanese adult film, worried about it to all their followers on social networks after a publication that you made.

In several photos published in their social networks, he looks extremely thin and with a sad countenance. The actress, who had given up his work in the film industry for adults, from several months ago came up videos doing exercise.

However, in the more recent photo is the extreme thinness generated a bunch of comments that does not cease in the social networks.

According to the commentaries of various tweeters, the actress is in a period of depression, after having lost a baby at six months of gestation. This version, however, has not been confirmed or denied by the Caliph.

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Others claim that the exactriz you have a condition called hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating. This disease can trigger disorders of weight.

Other versions more credible, they argue that the thinness of the actress is because she has decided to enter the world of fitness. Hence, one of its more constant is the exercise.

For now it is unknown what happens to this public figure, but another discussion in networks comes from taking force. And this is because many people are opining about the state of the body of Mine. To Amaranta Hank, actress adult film colombian, what is behind this is a machismo disguised and structural.

In the words of Hank, no one has the right to comment on the body of anyone, and much less of a woman. Without a doubt, this is an episode extremely violent for the actress, who must deal with the thousands of reviews and opinions that people who do not know you have on your body.

Without a doubt, one of the most disastrous of machismo structural in the west, has to do with the constant censorship that is done to the body of the woman. In this censorship, women are seen as goods that are used or are to clap their hands if they meet a series of requirements.

A phenomenon which undresses completely in the case of Khalifa, one of the actresses of adult cinema’s most successful of recent years. Probably, your body is now criticized by those who some years ago became his strongest fantasy.