To the cries, thus they showed Cardi B removing your intimate area


The rapper decided to share the moment of pain he suffered in the middle of your aesthetic procedure.

30 Apr 2020 11:32By:

The singer Cardi B again has been shown to because I have been cataloged as one of the artists most extravagant and irreverent to the industry, which for the second time decided to share an intimate moment with his over 60 million fans on Instagram.

Through their stories on the social network, the rapper shared a fun time while he depilated his intimate area with wax.

“Today is the day of pain”wrote the rapper just before you publish the videos to which I made reference.

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Using very comfortable clothing and its respective face mask was shown lying down on a bed and taking the hand apparently of a friend or of one of the stylists could not prevent the screams when I removed the wax paper from her bikini.

It is unknown if the interpreter “Press” failed to comply with the insulation and headed to a salon or if the procedure was performed with in-home service, however, thousands of fans have applauded to have used preventive measures correct.

It is worth remembering that a year ago, the artist caused a stir on social networks after sharing a video removing with laser herself against the mirrortherefore, this new video has not caused great negative impact among its fans, because you already know the type of content that the singer often share.

Therefore, after his publication, the video has become viral in different social networks, causing laughter among thousands of followers.

In addition, Cardi B he also took this time not only for shaving but also for nail care of your feet and hands, revealing that even in quarantine he likes to be impeccable.

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