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Disney and Pixar present a new world of fantasy in America,
is the new film
Pixar Animation
that it arrives with a universe of fantasy populated by cyclopes, elves,
dragons, centaurs, and other fantastic beings that have lost their connection with the
magical arts. That is why the brothers Ian and Barley,
interpreted by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, respectively, are
involved in trouble after a spell badly executed.

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The story

The underground city, which
ever stayed magic, is losing the spark and its inhabitants move away
more and more of their world, they move by the use of cell phones, cars and
any type of equipment with modern technology. In that contextthe brothers Lightfoot is embarking on
remnants of magic to be able to spend a day with his father,
that died when they were small. The spell will last for 24 hours, but their experiment
not going well at all.

The address

United states is directed by Dan
Scanlon, the filmmaker responsible for Monsters University. At present the
story to the press, the director said: “I would like people to laugh and cry with this movie. I hope that
some of the questions that we formulated in Usa to help the whole world
feel identified with some point of the story.”

The cast

The protagonists are Ian and Barley Lightfoot, two brothers elves who in
its original version feature the voices of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. In addition
includes Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Lauren Lightfoot, the mother of the boys),
Octavia Spencer, Ali Wong, Lena Waithe and Mel Rodriguez.

Official Spectre

Disney and Pixar have
presented for the first time in history, a character openly homosexual Official call Spectrethat even has
a couple of the same sex.

It is a police officer
with only one eye, however, director Dan Scanlon, says that it was not
planned, it just happened naturally; “The scene, when we writeit was a little appropriate, and opens a
little the world, and that is what we wanted. It is a world of fantasy modern and
we want to represent the modern world,” he explained to Yahoo.

The Official Spectre, appears
in only one scene of the film, in which you leave see that not only has a
girlfriend, but with her have formed a
homoparental family
because they have a daughter, and although there is never a scene
with the three, your mention represents a significant step forward, every time that, in
other films of the study, there have been what appear to be pairs of
lesbian, but that never was confirmed.

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