Tom Holland makes test questions on Marvel from home (+video)


The actor Tom Holland, organized a “proof of pub” virtual with their followers Instagram with questions about the universe film Marvel that he put together more than 180 thousand people.

This live broadcast was made from the inside of your home and with the intention of raising funds for the charity of his family The Brothers Trust.

In this test, questions were raised as to What role she played Kat Dennings in Thor? How many suits of Iron Man they were designed by Tony Stark?

During this live, Holland had the opportunity to chat with some of their fans through the video link between those that highlighted a young man who would interpret a song for the actor, however, just when he was about to start the audio is cut off, so that the interpreter Spiderman gave you “follow” this girl to get in touch with her later.

Therefore, the actor received many comments of admiration for its simplicity and the assurance that “we made life,” or that, “that mae has already won (sic)”.