Uncharted 4: Nathan Fillion becomes Nathan Drake, thanks to an incredible deepfake


Nathan Fillionone , whom we know by series as Castle, Firefly or Buffy Vampire Slayeralways be our everlasting Nathan Drake. If in 2018 we could see him playing the character from Naughty Dog in a film fan, the players want to ms. That is why the youtuber Jarkanby making use of the technology deepfake, has managed to replace the face of Nathan Drake for Nathan Fillion. The result is as impressive:

Nathan Fillion: Uncharted

The video introduces us to that part of the game Uncharted 4: The Outcome of the Ladrnwhere Nathan Drake maintains a tense conversation with Elenaafter she discovers that her husband has returned to the old ways in search of treasures is concerned. In the background, we can discover Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan, and the brother of Nathan, Sam Drake. Thanks to technology, the replacement of the face of the actor Nathan Fillion for Nathan Drake is so perfect that even scares you.

The technics of the deepfake, which has also served to Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. protagonicen Back to the Futureconsists of an artificial intelligence that taking as reference the facial features of the one and the other face, and the superimposed to the effect that we have seen in the video of Jarkan. This technology has even been used in films like The IrlandsMartin Scorsese, to display the versions rejuvenated Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci.

Uncharted on the big screen

The pandemic of coronavirus has hampered the task of manufacture of a project by s a beating by a whole series of circumstances. However, Sony Pictures is moving forward with its idea of bringing the big screen the series from Naughty Dog: to be characterised, precisely, by Tom Holland in the role of a young Nathan Drake. In turn, Mark Wahlberg play Sully – even though the voice actor Nolan North is not convincing -. Antonio Banderas also part of the deal. On the other hand, the changes in the calendar of premiere also have affected the film of Uncharted: Sony announcement that production debut in cinemas October 8, 2021in place of the 5 of march of 2021 as planned.