Venus Williams including Serena Williams in her victory more memorable


The american star Venus Williams has been a tennis player, very successful, winning many Grand Slam titles, during a bright and even current career. This makes fans wonder what the Majors win was his favorite.

She just answered this question in a recent Q&A on YouTube. Venus Williams, champion of Grand Slam favorite In their recent questions and answers, you will be asked to Venus Williams on his victory favourite in the Grand Slam.

Since he has won so many Slams, he had to think a bit before responding. “I will go with my last Grand Slam victory in Wimbledon where I played women’s doubles with Serena”. This will surprise most people, since they would have expected a victory in the category of singles.

Venus went on to explain why you chose this victory in particular. “Tennis is a sport so individual, so being part of a team gives you more pressure. Be at the height of another person and that other person is your sister really is something special “

The reason for Venus Williams to choose one victory of Grand Slam in doubles is good. In total, he has won 14 Grand Slams in doubles with Serena . His last victory in doubles, also his favorite, came in 2016 and I’m sure he will work hard to win more titles with Serena in the future.

While Venus loves the doubles and will want to win more titles in that category, you also will want to win a Grand Slam in singles. He has not won one since the 2008 Wimbledon. It is unlikely that it achieves the other main title in singles now, since that’s past its best time.

However, tennis is a sports unpredictable, you never know when a player might be in excellent shape and sweep in an event, especially in the WTA Tour. Unfortunately, you will have to wait even for a try as the WTA Tour has been suspended due to the pandemic of coronavirus.