“We are one”: how will be the world festival of cinema for free online


YouTube from may 29 to June 7, held the first film festival online called “We Are One: A Global Film Festival”

The COVID-19 not only changed the life style of the people. It is also revolutionizing the world of film. With the rooms completely closed and the cancellation of festivals like South by Southwes (SXSW) or Comic-con, Robert De Niro had already taken the first step leading to the digital world of the internet the same Tribeca Festival, which he had founded after another tragic event as the terrorist attack of the twin towers.

And the rest of the world now follow the example: from the May 29, nothing less than 20 film festivals, different, including Cannes, Berlin, Venice and to Tokyo, in an effort universal, will gather at the new The Global Film Festival with the caption, “We Are One” (We are One). Accepting donations to benefit the World Health Organization, screened totally free feature films, short films, documentaries, and multiple other events that are still programmed to see during ten days, from home, directly from the channel Youtube.com/WeAreOne

It is true. Until last year the word streaming seemed an insult in the world of cinema. Steven Spielberg on person noted that “Netflix deserves an Emmy rather than an Oscar”. In Cannes even had non-compete Alfonso Cuaron with “Rome” for refusing to release it in a cinema, in France. But in times of social distancing, the streaming became the best way of bringing film to the people. The premiere digital “Trolls World Tour” grossed nearly $ 100 million, charged in the united States, 20 dollars to see it in the old-style video-rental, they recalled the old times of Blockbuster, although this time did it from home, thanks to Apple’s iTunes, Amazon or even Youtube and even Google Play. The new cartoon Scooby Doo will follow the same path, with the world premiere of the May 15, with the voices of famous Mark Wahlberg, Zac Efron, and Gina Rodriguez, with the possibility to rent it for 48 hours, for $ 20 or buy it directly for $ 25.

Infecting the way we see the cinema, where the famous Mark Wahlberg says “it Is the people who have to decide if you want to see in a movie theater or in their homes”, the very Oscar had to change the rules. Until last week, the Academy had a strict rule where they could only compete with the productions of film have passed for a cinema commercial of The Angels, with a minimum of seven days in a row, with three screenings per day (Netflix had gone further, buying Cinema Egyptian, a block away from the Dolby Theater, to secure a place in the competition). But the COVID19 and quarantine changed… everything. As a great exception, and “until further notice”, the Academy of Arts and Sciences of Hollywood will allow to compete with the productions of film “having programmed the premiere original in a movie theater, have been commercially available initially by streaming services or VOD (Video On Demand)“.

The only condition is that the projection also be available within the next 60 days in the secure service of streaming of the Academy, for those who vote for the Oscar. Yes, the new rule will have no effect on the time to re-open the cinema, “according to the specific criteria of the federal regulations, state and local”. To facilitate the system, have also agreed to qualify those films that are screened in other cinemas outside of Los Angeles, now including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami. And this will be the last year that would allow the studies to send to the members DVDs or even printed invitations by mail. As of 2021, at the time of voting, absolutely everything will be digital. Do the best to change? This year, members will be invited to vote for the category Best Feature Film International with the possibility of seeing for the first time to the competitors international in the new streaming platform private the Academy (to vote, you will also need to see a minimum of projections determined).

The edition 93 of the Oscars is scheduled for February 28
The edition 93 of the Oscars is scheduled for February 28

The truth, it is not known how many movie theaters will survive the bankruptcy when to be able to open the doors, but for now, the good news is that they are reviving the autocines they appeared to have been turned into giant cemeteries. Yes. Those same autocines that to the same film illustrated in films as different as “Grease” and “Twister”, are going to fill the weekends, as in the best of times (but without leaving the car as when John Travolta was looking for Olivia Newton John, singing “Sandy”). Of the 4,000 autocines that was in the ’50s, in the united States, today there are only 320. And a few are open or are about to open again, with a different style of rules where some do not allow you to get out of the car even to go to the bathroom (not to speak of going out to buy pop corn) and there is also a lot more distance between the cars.

The panorama of film festivals is also to be seen. Beyond the Global Film Festival, in Cannes suspended the idea of returning to end of June or beginning of July, although still continuing to evaluate other date, not cancel it completely. By his side, the festivals of San Sebastian and Zurich joined forces to create a film market, where they can reunite those that had been originally selected in the suspended festival SXSW along with the projections that have been left out of the digital idea of Tribeca (the San Sebastian festival is scheduled for September 18 and in Zurich plan to open the following week). Up to 33’ International Festival of Tokyo began accepting film productions that apply for the festival that even already established the dates between 31 October and 9 November. Meanwhile, in Toronto, another of the leading film festivals on the planet, continues to assess the possibility of return of some form for the month of September and even though they closed the rooms until the 1st of July, launched the cycle “Cinema Stay At Home” (Stay At Home Cinema) projecting on platform, streaming classics like “Before The Sunrise” with Ethan Hawke or “The Big Lebowski” of the Coen brothers.

The television had already threatened to destroy the industry. The same thing happened with the video stores, the VHS, the DVD, or after Netflix and Amazon, with the Home Theatre and the possibility of not leaving the house, watching movies on screens of 70-and 80-inches at home. Today, the coronavirus kills by the thousands. But the film, still surviving.


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