What a shame! Shakira fell in front of everyone in a presentation Look at your reaction!


Shakira was left with no words after what happened in front of hundreds of people

The singer Shakira is without a doubt one of the women more noble in the world of celebrity, let us remember that the artist has a charitable foundation in Barranquilla which is in charge of helping the most needy children! The artist has a great heart!

In this opportunity, we will talk about a little accident that happened to the colombian full concert without wanting to fall out of the chair right at the moment that was about to start his presentation.

Background you can hear his song “heart of gypsy” which was released in the year 2009, without a doubt, this topic managed to captivate hundreds of people by its rhythm and lyrics. As expected, Shakira handled the situation an embarrassment in which he was with great care.

The reaction of the artist was simple as only smiled he looked at his people and companions and tried to sit again in that chair treacherous that left her badly in front of their fans and the media.

The singer no doubt lucia beautiful that day so we can see your hair color yellow loose accompanied by a leather jacket black and jean black which let him see their attributes without problems.