What are parents? Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez captivate their fans with a video Look at what it is!


Jennifer Lopez is the latina actress that more recognition has on the american public and has taken a mission extremely seriously

Jennifer Lopez is an american actress, singer, model and businesswoman american. It is also a wife and mother, and is popular in each and every one of the facets that are displayed to the public, that is why they have obtained great recognition.

His quality as an artist is undeniable and is demonstrated in most of the papers that interprets, as his talent does not find limits, and less when it comes to captivate your audience by the Lopez gives everything.

In your concern today, Jennifer has decided to participate in the campaign world in which the actors, singers and public figures make the call to keep calm and invite their fans to stay at home.

But as for his personal life, the actress generally, try not to involve too many aspects with the work, because their relationships, even though popular, have been at the margin of the focus of the journalists.

Jennifer has posted a video on his official account on Instagram where in addition to the call to continue the campaign, it shows how happy she is from the inside of your home and in the company of her husband, Alex Rodriguez.