What do you think to do against weather emergency after the hidden teaching of the COVID-19?

Puebla, Mexico.- At the global level, the pandemic of the COVID-19 shows us that the lack of empathy and humanitarian reaction late has consequences that today we are suffering and, to continue with the same attitude of denial or believing that the problems are inventions of government, we are one hundred percent insured the suffering of the climate crisis.

The COVID-19 and climate change put us in front of the mirror to blame for what today is called the crisis, which were reflected as beings not as rational: understand we stayed in the background for years, but today the experience is key. We still have a chance to do will be take on the basis of reason?

Quoting Greta Thunberg, to understand the global problems that today we go through in relation to climate change we must act as if our house was on fire and, maybe, so generating awareness of acting under the premise of preventing, and not the adaptation.

Historically, the human acts with the speech of to know that problems exist, but why act if with the passing of the years we never spent anything? After all, why I would something that I can’t see?…

It is our actions who gives pain to this type of questions, because today more than ever we are seeing and living the consequences of failing to act in the face of what we do not see, but which for years has warned us. With the pandemic of the new coronavirus that today keeps us confined at home to lucky and in the exposure and risk to those who day-to-day must leave to continue with their activities, is evidenced in our lack of reaction and, further so, this could be the test of a crisis foretold by climate change.

We are beings not as rational and reactionary in the face of experiences

Returning to the quote from Greta Thunberg in his speech in Brussels in April, 2019 in which the opening she asks: “You panic because your house is on fire”, makes sense since a lot of people does not change the face of a reality and even more disregard to the warnings that the Earth sends to us day-to-day with greater intensity. We are assured with the problems of climate change and also what we were as witnesses in the distance of the epidemic. What may be failing inside of us?

In the framework of the 50th Anniversary of the Day of the Earth it is clear that our planet is warming. It is known by the graphic reports that the scientific community approves and checks under different methodologies. And this is not the signal that many active red lights unfortunately.

The problem lies in that these data do not see the climate change, so that we can react, those graphics must be framed in personal experiences; it becomes easy to see our house on fire because he really has flames. In the same way we find it easier to believe and to take care of a virus when it has led us to spend a long stay in bed, and a difficult recovery that very probably took us to the hospital or saw suffer a loved one, and this is the example that puts us as beings not as rational and places us in a reactionary in the face of experiences.

Before climate change was a topic of conversation, experts in economy as Amos Tversky conducted various experiments to understand how to deal with the risk and decision making, and results are observed depressing about our perception of the risk; because, we have many difficulties to judge the frequency and magnitude of events, due to the fact that we trust the most recent thing that happened to us. This process is named bias of availability.

Of the hand of these studies showed that fear of an alarming losses in the short term, but we are not indifferent to a loss in the future, if we add uncertainty, it is usually aggravating in most cases.

So exemplified, we know that tobacco is a cause of cancer, maybe lung or throat, but perhaps we do not pass anything either, because only consume one per day, not to speak of the harm we can cause the alcohol, but that same damage is minimized due to cirrhosis gives you more and only afflicts heavy drinkers, possibly never reach the cirrhosis due to the consumption of many is a few drinks per day or one bottle every weekend. That “maybe” is the same that we keep the disease that today afflicts our planet.

As beings thinking we tend to fall into a bias too optimistic in believing that bad things will never come to our door. We’re going to have more luck than the dinosaurs and not just the policy because they still exist, but if it is true that we will have more luck than our fellow land of Europe, and, why to think of something worse but we are Chinese and we don’t eat so many animals.

Now that the pandemic turned into tangible facts such as what is the isolation and a lot of people are angry, we forget the previous weeks where the memes ruled our days and best not to talk about the jokes that were making fun of what perhaps could happen.

But does anyone know a person today to be upset because we have problems of climate change? I don’t say anger, because climate change is a reality or by the constant inaction of others. I am referring to anger that is visceral that you feel a twitch in the eye or jump from the vein in the neck and come in crying because “the lord” that caused the climate change threatens your enjoyment of the planet, from the dawn to take in the sunset. I never and that is because there is no “lord” that changed the climate, is not uniform, we cannot find it in an office and does not have a predictable pattern.

Let us make our ally to the imagination.

For the human, there is a clear perception of what affects us, from a person, an animal, or a microorganism that abruptly acted against us or against our loved ones. Therefore, “the lord” that caused the climate change will never be something we worry about since he has never gotten directly or indirectly with us why to act against something that is abstract, invisible, that acts slowly and is not immoral? IS IT DIFFICULT OR VERY DIFFICULT?

But for once let us reason, aided by imagination, we create in our mind the image impossible, say many people in front of a burning house in flames and try to feel the fire abrazante and see the desolating image of losing the heritage of someone else do it would take a bucket of water if no one moves? Or just to know that the next house in flames will be ours we will have the bias of a single action that protects our thing. It seems a very difficult task to perform, although both are equally positive when power button that makes us empathetic?

Let’s start by getting married with the idea of not only use bulbs of low consumption, but also recycle, use cloth bags and we’ll make you feel part of the change. But unfortunately this is not enough; we are not of those who habitually drink a beer, but when you run your car allow you to take two or maybe three, accompanied by a good dose of tacos for the simple fact of having run a half-hour that never run. That same behavior to have quite a few to assume that they comply with the suggestions above, since the bulb saving up to take our bag to the supermarket.

Finally, what scientists call a bank of finite concern as is the loss of a job for the confinement or the reduction of our wages or perhaps the loss of a loved one because of the COVID-19, focus only our attention on the things that actually affect us, in normal conditions we do not worry about opening the shower until the hot water letting it run the cold, not being able to sleep through the terrible heat that we have in the night, unfortunately the house has already started to have flames.

The dates of 2050 or 2100 are already horizons virtually nearby, continue with the mentality of doing nothing, scenario more hard to come.

If we start to see floods, droughts, cold waves and heat that can manifest themselves one behind the other, this you will no longer be abstract to be concrete. This small paradigm is an effort to continue to see crystal clear waters of our beaches, which we thought had always been murky as to what is the port of Acapulco, let us try to see landscapes of snow-capped mountains, let’s keep demanding to see the starry sky, to appreciate the canals of Venice as you never had seen; but above all, turn down the flames from our house called “PLANET EARTH” and not wait for the loopholes to make us learn to respect as they do now, the different decrees of various countries to understand that we need to STAY AT HOME and use protection in common areas. (TB)

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