Why the shoes of Travis Scott x Nike are the collaboration that is most successful in the world of sneakers and in the resale of internet


Collaborations Travis Scott with Nike have become so popular that its sale has even become a risk for some establishments. For the launch of their latest running shoes, a version of the iconic Nike DunkScott yielded to the shops skate local the first rights of sale. In a normal scenario, it would be a golden opportunity for anyone: all the zapas Scott to sell at the moment. This time, however, some retailers have decided not to sell them. It is the case of Worka small trade skate in New York, attended by so many of the faithful asking for the collaboration of their owners decided not to put it up for sale. “Please, stop calling, send emails, etc, are not going to answer”, they announced on Instagram. The owner of Crushed Skateshop in D. C. he said that it was impossible to continue with the usual routine at the store before the launch due to the large amount of people who called asking about the slippers. After the emergence of the streetwearwe have gotten used to that fans make queues are endless and the resale prices to skyrocket. What the shops are so overwhelmed by the interest in a product that even have to beg customers to leave call? Well, yes, it seems that what Scott and the sneakers it is a phenomenon without precedent.

“I am aware of the latest launches and really I wont if the fever is now at its highest level” says the sneaker influencer, DJ and consultant, Kish Kash. “What Scott is going beyond anything I have ever seen”. The shoes of the singer are sold in the secondary market for much, much more money than its original selling price. According to StockX, for example, the Jordan 1s with the Nike Swoosh invested resold for almost $ 1,500, a 748% more than their original price.

Of course, Scott is just a name on a long list of musicians and artists who have collaborated with brands of running shoes world’s most important. What is the difference between the zapas Scott of the of Pharrell? Or does that carry the names much more known as Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, Tyler, the Creator or Beyoncé? Pharrell is an icon in the world of fashion, Beyoncé it is the singer’s most-loved globally and Kendrick Lamar is probably the rapper most respected. However, only the shoes of Scott manage to unlock this level of hysteria. So what is it that makes the difference?

The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1.

© Courtesy of Nike

“We can say that Travis Scott is the largest contributor in terms of sneakers“says Yu-Ming Wu, marketing director of Stadium Goods. “The other name that is moving the same level of advertising and sales is Virgil Abloh and the collection of Nike x Off-White”. The shoes and the merchandising Scott’s work so well that Stadium Goods rode a pop-up dedicated exclusively to the rapper in Los Angeles. However, it is difficult to find the right words to describe what differentiates Scott from other contributors. “In recent years, has been running something around the figure Travis that causes people to really feel attracted towards his music and towards any of its movements,” says Wu.

Probably, the most important factor of the phenomenon Scott the amount of slippers that has been allowed to remix. “To many rappers and artists like to think they are sneakerheadsbut Travis Scott is a race strange with a deep appreciation of the culture,” says Wu. “Tends to draw again to the fore old models of running shoes, which helps to educate new heads and allows you to remember the old ones. His love and respect for the industry it is a big part of your success“. Accordingly, Scott has redesigned some of the slippers most iconic of the history of Nike: the Air Force 1, Jordan 1, Jordan 4, the Jordan 6, and now the Dunk.

The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6.

© Courtesy of Nike

It is true that these models have a lot of history and could be best sellers even in the case that had not been touched by Scott. While some see very little effort on the part of the rapper in the design of the Air Jordan 1, others see someone able to respect one of shoes most iconic of all the times. “He elevated the design to another level without it affecting his legacy,” says Kash.

However, this does not apply to all their releases. For example, in the case of the Dunk, which went on sale last Saturday, the stamping paisley they mix quietly with tartan and some patches in different shades of beige. Obviously, the design is not liked around the world: “Who keeps leaving Travis Scott do shit? Now send this pair back to @nikeSB”, wrote Kevin Bradley, a member of the team, Nike SB, in your Instagram Stories.

Others will say that the shoes from Scott are a reflection of the style that has become all a figure in the world of fashion in the last few years. We still have in mind those garments of the file Raf Simons that led in the video clip Antidote or the blouse vintage Celine he wore once on a vacation to the seashore, and that allegedly stole from the closet of Kanye West.

In response to the question of why zapas Scott’s triumph more than their counterpartswe could say that it is the pool of talent of the rapper what makes that so. “His love for the sneakerstheir codes of design, style and character are what makes your running shoes are special,” says Wu. The success of Scott can be explained quickly by the same quality that makes their music so popular: is a master in the art of synthesizing. If you can transform twelve fragments different in a song that leads the charts, you can also convert a pair of shoes with different prints in a best-seller. As long as the shops do not be afraid to sell them.

* Article originally published in the american edition of GQ.

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