With a video, dad Karol G showed fun fall after driving a motorcycle


In charge of recording it was his wife Martha, and she like her fans laughed out loud.

29 Apr 2020 10:37By: canalrcn.com

Karol G it is considered as one of the female artists more important in the music industry of our country, as their successes and collaboration with international artists of the genre urban, have allowed him to gain the recognition and affection of all, and increasingly big fanbase.

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Without a doubt, something that has characterized the artist is his union family, so your father on several occasions has been the one who has stolen the show on several occasions in which he has shared with his daughter by his spontaneity and grace.

Through its official account of Instagram, ‘Don Guillermo’ he shared a fun moment with which he managed to arouse the laughter of many of the fans who were able to see the video that went up on the feed of your account, as he showed in front of the camera riding a motorcycle on the lawn of his house.

However, what called more the attention was just the moment in which, despite driving a constant speed he lost his balance and stability so that they fell down; to although it was nothing serious and that your beautiful wife and mother of the artist, mrs. Martha river-out-loud, there were other users who asked if everything was okay.

The lord reassured at all when he wrote in the description of the clip: “today I had the chance to warm up the bikes but do not lack the stretched and the mockery laughter of the director audio-visual, my lady, what a lack of solidarity… soon personal change”, were the words of the father of the interpreter of ‘Husk’.

“But that was a fall class,” “the same laughter of Karol”, “you’re the best dad in the world”, commented the internet users.

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