WWE NXT: Drake Maverick defeats Tony Nese


After being defeated last week in his first contest in the tournament for the championship Cruise of NXT, Drake Maverick managed to win the victory against Tony Nese in the second race. Maverick could not contain the joy and it was quite very happy to have won. All of this history created by the british is interesting for the audience of WWE, who was at the side of Maverick in the announcement of his dismissal. However, there are some who think that it is very predictable that he will become champion Cruise NXT.

Drake Maverick is an unknown right now

We don’t know exactly what will happen with Drake Maverick in WWE. A few weeks agothe company dismissed several superstars from your roster, and among them was the british. However, this is your last chance to stay in the company with this tournament. As he himself has stated, it’s your last chance.

We don’t know if NXT will be predictable and will crown Maverick, as a champion or manages to give us a surprise and actually it will be fired from WWE after this tournament. It remains to be seen what happens in the next few weeks on WWE NXT.

After their fight, Drake Maverick looked very happy. He said that everything will end with him lifting the championship Cruise of NXT and it will stay in WWE. Do you think that Drake Maverick can become a champion Cruise? Give us your opinion in the comments.

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