You can have a mask designed by Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber | News


Since some time ago, many artists seemed to predict that the masks were going to become one of the accessories most needed and figures of the music as Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny, Black Pink or Justin Bieber already included in the usual way in your outfits as an add-on more. Now, however, the use of masks has reached a next level of importance, beyond being a simple ornament, and it is for this reason that numerous artists have put hands to the work for a good cause.

Under the name “We’ve got you covered“that is to say, “I’ve got you covereds”, a score of musicians have put up their own design and name to some masks that are being sold so online. Yes, all with the goal of to raise funds for the recording industryone of the most affected by the current situation, like many other cultural sectors. In this way, Universal Music will support economically with the benefits of this initiative to all workers in the sector who have been affected by their work activity by the crisis of the coronavirus.

From Billie Eilish, who has chosen her typical doll-tone fluorescent green, the romance of Ariana Grande, which has opted for a tear to your model, all of them have the personal touch of each artist. Whether it’s your logo, as is the case of the south Korean Black Pink or the classical language of The Rolling Stones, going by the message of love of The Weekend. A list of artists to which are added names such as Queen, Imagine Dragons, Justin Bieber and even homage to some voices that are not already among us as Frank Sinatra, Tupac, Bob Marley or XXXTentacion. All of them can be purchased on this website for a price of $ 15.

An initiative that comes at a time in which the sale of face masks is becoming a business, with special focus on the large luxury brands or those created by famous designers and sold at very high prices. Why not have ceased to be free of controversy, acusándoseles of opportunism.

But, returning to the music field and for non-profit, is not the first time that the artists unite their forces and their influence for a good cause in these last few weeks. For example, with the concert One World Together At Home promoted by Lady Gagawe raised more than $ 100 million. But this is not the only example that we have been able to see. In our country, and is also related to the masks, India Martinez has assembled a multitude of artists to fight against gender-based violence, one of the issues that most concern during the confinement.