Yuliett Torres sinks to Yanet Garcia, and Jimena Sanchez with his size in leggings


Yuliett Towers

December 26, 2019
(21:39 CET)

To Yanet Garcia and Jimena Sanchez les has appeared in a competition of first level with his compatriot Yuliett Towers, a model who wants to make the competition even Kim Kardashiansomething that we thought was only at the height of Jimena.

And is the presenter of Fox Sports seems to have a rival tough. In no time at all the model of Jalisco has reached 4.9 million followers, and begins to approach dangerously close to Jimena Sanchez.

To do so with Yanet Garcia still has a lot of, since the former girl of the climate over 12 million followers and is not expected to be close to Yuliett Towers in a couple of years at least.

Leggings brutal

However, posting pictures like the one that has made the last week in your account of instagram which appears in leggings in a very short time will surpass whoever. And is that the image is absolutely brutal.

In it we can see it in all its splendor the curves of the mexican model of which it will be difficult to forget your name if it continues to do so. Yuliett Torres has come to stay.

Are advised

Yuliett Torres dreams of being the greatest influencer of Instagram in Mexico and to be recognized as the girl more sexy, something that right now has virtually a Yanet Garcia who is in search of the american dream in these moments.

Jimena Sanchez had trimmed some ground to the protagonist of the film Bellezonismo, but is still quite far away.