10 things to know from Lizzo


The rapper, singer and, let’s not forget, an expert flutist met last Sunday her dream to perform at the Grammys. Not only that: he came out of the gala with three awards. We know it best through ten tracks.

1. In fact it’s called Melissa

Melissa Viviane Jefferson, to be precise. His father dreamed he would be named Melissa. If ‘Melissa’ you take away the ‘I’ is ‘Lissa’, and if you and your friends at school you put an ‘or’ at the end of all the names, you will always be Lisso. Or Lizzo, even cooler.

2. Is a fan of Sailor Moon

Nerd convinced, Lizzo was small (and, well, still is) a big fan of the character of manga and anime Sailor Moon, that high school student who saves the world from all sorts of dangers in their spare time. A couple of years ago, Lizzo and her team of dancers, the Big Grrrls, dressed as the heroine for a concert at the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience in New Orleans.

3. It is a great flutist

Before that the singer/rapper, Lizzo was a flutist. He began to learn the instrument in the sixth grade and continued to concentrate in it during their university studies. We saw his flute in the film ‘Scammers of Wall Street’. Also at the Grammys: remember that time in that, during a mash-up of ‘Cuz I love you’ and ‘Truth hurts’, her good friend came down from the heights into a tray of plexiglass and arrived a flute solo of 16 seconds.

4. That flute is as famous as Lizzo

Is Sasha Flute, has its own account on Instagram (with 324.000 followers at the time of writing these lines), and should be one of the few flutes that has appeared portrayed in the pages of ‘Rolling Stone’next to, of course, the Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.

5. He lived in his car for six months

What of Lizzo has not been instantaneous: he created his first group at age 14 (Cornrow Clique), and now has 31. It has gone through stretches complicated, as when, after leaving the university, and surrendering with the flute, he ended up sleeping first on the sofas and floors of others and then in his Subaru, 1999.

6. That is to say, the ‘best new artist’ is relative

Melissa/Lizzo was nominated in the category of artist revelation on the Grammy awards, but her career is already long. She began singing in groups in 2008, and went on to become one of rap of some renown, The Chalice. The successful ‘Cuz I love you’ is their third album, fourth if you count the recorded medium with the electronic artist The Larva Ink.

7. Is sexuality fluid

In matters of sexuality or gender, Lizzo don’t want to be categorized in any category. “I do not keep a single thing”, told ‘Teen Vogue’. “I can’t be sitting here right now and tell you that I am only one thing. This is why the colors of the LGBTQ movement+ you are a rainbow! Because there is a spectrum, and right now it seems that we want to keep it black-and-white”.

8. Is an activist for positive body

When I was young, Lizzo lamented the bad image that surrounded the large bodies. Or, worse yet, the lack of any kind of representation. “I have seen things on tv and looked at the magazines and I saw myself”, said in the british edition of ‘Vogue’. “When you don’t see yourself, you think you something bad happens”. In your group of dancers, Big Grrrls, are all plus size women.

9. Left off Twitter by trolls

The past 5 January, Lizzo announced that it was leaving the platform indefinitely; since then, the few tweets posted on his account have been the work of its management. He explained his reasons in live… on Instagram: “I would love to be on Twitter because I could connect with the people that support me positively, and that helps to promote my own positive messages. But I’m at the point in that because not only does it cost me to deal with the thugs of the Internet, but with all the negativity directed on the Internet towards all over the world… Even from my well of positivity, the way I see it, and I am not feeling well”.

10. I knew I was going to succeed

There was a time when Lizzo was so much happier on Twitter. The 16 of September of 2015, fresh off a stint as opening act for Sleater-Kinney, wrote this optimistic tweet“Warning: I’m going to be in all scenarios, from the Grammys to the back of your grandmother.” Only got five retweets and 17 likes, nobody seemed to take it very seriously, but the happy prophecy has become a reality. If you practice a dream, the same to be true: the January 29, 2018, practiced his speech for the Grammys in a video topless on Instagram.