6 documentaries to overcome the monkey of ‘Tiger King’, in @further_es

In Wild Wild Country a sect born in India moved to an uninhabited area of Oregon to build their utopian city. Fyre account the scam behind the festival’s most exclusive that never took place. And El Palmar de Troya cycles through the five decades of the history of one of the sects of Spanish most destructive in the world. If you dropped down surrendered to the unmerciful and frightening Tiger Kinghere you have some proposals to fill the vacuum left by the magnetic Joe Exotic.

No one could imagine that the premiere of Tiger King on Netflix the past 20 of march would coincide with a global pandemic that would make this documentary trash in the obsession of the quarantine. So much so that, according to the data on the platform, has been seen by more than 64 million homes around the world. It is true that their ingredients arouse curiosity: cats, assassination attempts, nominations policies impossible, polygamy, hetero-and homosexual, zoos that seem to be sects and disappeared in strange circumstances… although it might be questionable the questionable morality of his characters, the position of superiority where you put the viewer or the fuzzy boundaries that it draws for the entertainment of the masses.

Be that as it may, after devouring the seven chapters of this amazing and uncontrollable spiral of chaos, the spectators confined wonder orphans, what can I see now? While it arrives the series of Ryan Murphy, and Rob Lowe about Joe Exotic, the a spin off on the suspicious death of the first husband of Carole Baskin or any of the other projects announcedhere are some addictive proposals.

6 documentaries to overcome the monkey of ‘Tiger King’ 1

Wild Wild Countryin Netflix

A sect of indian origin moved to Oregon with thousands of the faithful to build his utopian society. And everything that could go wrong ends up worse. Wild Wild Country uncovers the fascinating history of the Rajneeshees, a cult led by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh also known as Osho, who at the beginning of the 80’s decide to move to an unpopulated area of the united States to lift their city.

The initial conflict with the neighbors of the small population of Antelope will end up climbing up to heights unimagined, uncovering scandalous sexual practices, and lots of crime. Without going into spoilers, perhaps the greatest success of the brothers Chapman and Maclain Way in this docuserie, built in the style of the true crime, is to raise questions rather than offer answers, immersing himself in the dense waters of the racism, immigration or religious diversity. In addition, we gave the villain a final: Smt..

Fyrein Netflix

A fantastic opportunity to bask in the excesses of social networking, the society of appearances and the millionaires who rely too much on the images that are projected Instagram. But also think of the victims left by this fraud and how their leaders came out virtually unscathed.

Fyre he was promoted as a luxurious music festival to be held in 2017 on a private island in the Bahamas with musical performances from the first level. Months prior to ensure the availability of the space or to plan the logistics of an event of this scale, supermodels and stars of all stripes began to promote the experience more exclusive ever imagined. Between the celebrities: Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Baldwin or Alessandra Ambrosio.

The expectations that the entrepreneur Billy McFarland, and rapper Ja Rule were able to generate were such that the tickets were sold out in 48 hours. But as the film shows, the attendees soon found that the promises were very far from the reality. As an epilogue, it should be noted that the documentary itself may be the thymus final: New Republic ensures that when it became apparent that the train was going to descarrillar the enlightened leaders of Fyre began to burn images of the carnage without stopping. Your goal: trading with the lucrative rights to the footage. Will we be the spectators to the last deceived?

Abducted In Plain Sightin Netflix

Abducted In Plain Sight tells the strange story of the Broberg, an innocent catholic family of Idaho in 1974, fell under the influence of a neighbor manipulator. Without going into the incredible revelations of the documentary film, the work of Skye Borgman explains how to with a girl of 12 years, Jan Broberg, ended up in the hands of Robert Berchtold, a married man and also the father of a family. And how their complicated relationship spread over the years. Since the testimonies of all those involved spanning four decades. A fascinating story about the capacity of seduction of a psychopath, the omission of a family entrusted and the nightmare that all parents fear, but, still today, few people want to discuss aloud.

El Palmar de Troyain Movistar+

One of the sects more toxic, harmful and dangerous in the world campa at ease in El Palmar de Troyatown 50 kilometers from Seville that is the title of this documentary series of Movistar+. This production covers the history of the congregation, which was founded, like many religious cults, from a few alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the 60’s. After explaining how he became a giant in internationally financed that has managed to survive five decades, in spite of the ongoing accusations of sexual abuse and coercion to their faithful, in addition to their numerous scandals. Among them: the corruption inside and outside this top secret congregation, whose followers live isolated from society; their connections with the dictator Franco, who came to be canonized; the libertine life of its first pope, whom they knew on all the bars of Seville and was known as The Volt; or the flight of the third pontiff with one of the nuns and their subsequent return to try to steal on the premises.

Crime and disappearances in Atlanta: The lost children, HBO Spain

Between 1979 and 1981 at least 30 children and young african americans were kidnapped and killed in Atlanta. A few crimes, as reported by their families, were ignored by the racism of american society and still today remain unresolved.

Coinciding with the reopening of the case, Crime and disappearances in Atlanta examines this tragedy: since the first disappearance and the discovery of two teens killed, until the hasty accusation and trial of Wayne Williams, 23 years old, pled guilty in 1982. And all the questions that have since remained unanswered. It should be recalled that the series of Netflix Mindhunter he chose precisely these crimes as the axis of its second season. And in the docuserie mention is also made of JonBenét Ramsey’s beauty queen child whose murder in 1996 with only six years has inspired a good string of documentaries. As the provocative Casting JonBenet, available on Netflix.

McMillions, HBO Spain

A scam multi-million dollar combines McDonalds and Monopoly had become a documentary. But it is start to look at it and think, what should HBO to produce a spin-off on the FBI agent Doug Matthews? McMillions consider the case of the Monopoly of McDonalds, a popular lottery-like salary, for the entire life of Nescafé by which the customers of the fast food chain could have access to various prizes, being the greater of one million dollars. The case is that the game turned out to be rigged, and this documentary features interviews with all the protagonists, from the fake winners to the federal agents who discovered the scam, and caught the people responsible, the whole process, mobsters italoamericanos included. Eye to this story because Ben Affleck and Matt Damon acquired the rights to make it into a movie.

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