Alex Morgan shows her pregnancy in all its glory


The front Alex Morgan has surprised with his last pictures that became viral, which shows her tummy in all its glory.

And is that the artillery of the Orlando Pride she posed for the cover of the April edition of the renowned american magazine “Glamour”.

It was she whom he shared the image on their social networks, which surprised her more than nine million followers on Instagram.

In the picture you can see that it is in the fullness of your pregnancy, in addition, the official account of the magazine posted a cheeky video of it.

The recording shows the player’s training at the beach when you are missing a few weeks to give birth.

Alex Morgan speaks of Tokyo

Despite being happy, Morgan showed something of concern, as will give birth in a full pandemic.

He also spoke on the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics, for which he had trained in spite of his state.

“I tried to see it more from the perspective of the computer, but I could not help thinking of myself with all of the stress that is causing the coronavirus,” she told “Glamour”.

“In addition, he had to get back in shape in a very short time (after delivery)”, added.

So, he insisted that to postpone to next year the Games was the best decision.

Because you will be able to “level the playing field for all athletes in all events.”

“I now have more time to recover and I’ll have more time with my daughter”, he concluded.

About the coronavirus

The united states has been one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic COVID-19.

It has become the most affected country, with 174 thousand 467 cases officially diagnosed and 3 thousand 440 deaths.

*The statistics of AFP