Alexa Dellanos upload slutty picture on Instagram and Myrka Dellanos I commented!


Alexa Dellanos, model and influencers of Instagram is becoming one of the most sensual women of the internet. The hot pictures that you share of your sculpture figure manage to conquer more than one. But, What do you think Myrka Dellanos of those photos? the conductive cuban-american he comments on the horny photos her daughter on instagram. See what he says!

The television personality Myrka Dellanos his 54-year-old remains one of the presenters more attractive of the american screen. So, his daughter Alexa Dellanos managed to inherit the beauty of her mom, but has also resorted to the knife to better highlight their attributes.

Alexa Carolina Loynáz Dellanos, better known in the world of internet only such as Alexa Dellanos is a promising model of instagram that share their best and most ardent poses with micro outfits that only make her look much more hot than it already is. In one of your pictures, where Alexa of 24 years teaches all his “pechonalidad”, your mom said!

Myrka Dellanos wrote on the sexy publication of her daughter: “I love your new haircut”, because that Alexa usually has a long blonde tresses, but on this occasion decided to show a look of short hair with a kerchief, while showcasing their “babes” to the camera in a tight and sexy corset.

Alexa and Myrka Dellanos/photo: the View

Alexa and Myrka Dellanos/photo: the View

Alexa and Myrka Dellanos have a good relationship

Mother and daughter have managed to establish an excellent relationship, at least the way they show it on the social networks. And is that Myrka has no problem with that Alexa Dellanos share your daring and horny photos. It has also not had any problems with that, her daughter has undergone multiple plastic surgeries to achieve the body that you have.

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This is why the fans enjoy seeing the loving comments that Myrka Dellanos makes it to Alexa in their publications of instagram, where the young model has already achieved 2 million followers and surely very soon you will get many more.