Alvaro Camarena: Do you quarantine you are overcoming? I take part!


Alvaro Camarena, senior vice president of Channels for Latin America at Dell Technologies


Online courses, books, series, and podcasts are some of the resources that will allow you to stay active and to acquire new knowledge and skills

Questionnaire Infochannel: #QuédateEnCasa

Alvaro Camarena, senior vice president of Channels for Latin America in Dell Technologies, invites you to strengthen your knowledge in the new technologies that your customers may need in the next few weeks, and you get very close to them to address their concerns.

Knows how to live Alvaro these days of confinement and attends some of their recommendations of courses and recreational activities.

What online courses would you recommend for this quarantine?

Related businesses I recommend, Harvard Business Review it has courses of all kinds which are very useful and practical.

Related to technology and Dell Technologies, I recommend: “Implementing Remote Workforce Solutions: How we did it” and “Secure your business: Enable your work at any place, at any time, on any device, any application” and many others available on our website Dell Technologies Partner Program.

What book would you recommend to the IT channel and why?

Books and technical or business there are many that are highly recommended, but a book that I highly recommend because it speaks not just of business but of personal matters is, How will you measure your life, Clayton Christensen, who by the way died a few months ago, he was the creator of the concept of “The Innovators dilemma”, professor at Harvard Business School in the MBA program, and I had the privilege of having him as a teacher. This book makes us think about our purpose in life; 100% recommended.


Tell us 3 movies or series that you have been caught in the last few weeks

I liked a call, I before you, with Emilia Clarke (actress of Game of Thrones). It is one of those movies that makes us think. Another movie that I liked because I disconnected totally from the day-to-day is, Interstellar, with Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey.

Series, although almost I have not seen many, I saw The Bodyguard and Chernobyl.

But what has gripped me is the music, I’ve had time to look for concerts and that has been one of the highlights J: special Mention to “David Gilmour in Pompei” (David Gilmour was the guitarist of Pink Floyd), and “Roger Waters – The Wall” (also a member of Pink Floyd). There are a lot of Dire Straits, Genesis, Cold Play, The Who, Peter Gabriel, up in Spanish, Soda Stereo, among others.


What new skills have you discovered with the work at a distance?

In fact, I have several years of working remotely, and spending much time in travel work, for that in itself to me is not new to the home office. What is new is that the world is working this way and that in our home are our children connected in virtual classes. I think that the skills connect really, beyond having a call of several people, but, with the videos of the participants, we have learned to connect in a way very good, the level of interaction and productivity is very good.

What advice would you give to a channel to work on these days?

The challenge is the immediate term that we have in front of you, that I hope will be short, and take advantage of this time in which virtually all are “findable” in two aspects:

1) Prepare in knowledge of the technologies that our customers are in need, to strengthen the knowledge of the solutions.

2) Be very close to the customers, now more than ever. Sooner or later, the transformation has indeed accelerated under the circumstances, and companies that are at possibility of investing in the technology that makes them lack the will. The marketing and generation of demand for pathways to digital increases its relevance, and never as now the technology had been more important; customers need from the partners.

How your diet has changed?

I would say that I had more control over what I eat, mainly because I’m not travelling that is what makes it difficult to eat as healthy as one would need. Yes I’m taking advantage of the situation to eat more healthy.

Do you have any recipe that you would like to share with the readers of Infochannel?

The kitchen never has given me, even though it is in my plans to take classes. Something that I share, is that they eat lots of things with lemon, salt and hot sauces of many types, is the best thing you can have. For example, any fruit like jicama, cucumber, orange, mango, apple, among others, when we allow ourselves a break from healthy food, the fries with lemon, salt and salsa Valentina or Cholula sauce and Maggie, are a luxury.


Are you doing exercise? What routine you follow?

Yes, they are walking at a fast pace, of between 45 minutes and 1 hour, and some stretching; in which I return to golf or tennis; but I’m finding that brisk walking is very good option.

What podcasts you listen to recently and why would you recommend?

Few podcasts, but related to Harvard Business School on business topics and current issues of the crisis. I focus more on books, online courses, social networks and playlists.

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