Andres Wiese is the first peruvian nominated to the most beautiful face in the world where it competes with Chris Evans


The actor Andrés Wieseremembered for his role as Nicholas in the series “on The bottom there is a place”became the first peruvian nominated to the most beautiful face in the world by 2020.

The contest “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces”, carried out annually by the organization TC Candler and The Independent Critics has published the image of the artist in its account of Instagram.

To do this, Andrés Wiese showed his proud to represent Perubecause he commented with a flag post in which he announces as a candidate for the contest.

It should be noted that this contest is carried out since 1990. According to your publication, do not reward the most popular, sexy, or the most famous. But you who seek to be a list that includes many cultures, lifestyles, and professions; being their nominated representatives of the modern ideal of beauty.

In this way, Andrés Wiese was selected among stars of all parts of the world, which are models, singers, actors, conductors, among others.

The interpreter peruvian compete with artists of the stature of Mario Casas, Chris Hemsworth, William Levy, Chris Evans, Dacre Montgomery, David Beckham and Jason Momoa.


Andrés Wiese worried your fans, then you share a photo in the waiting room of a clinic, through their ‘stories’ of Instagram.

However, he clarified that he has not infected you with the COVID-19 and that its presence in the medical center due to a box of otitis.

“Many thanks to all for your concern; I’m already in my house and I’m going to be okay,” he said. “This is a picture of acute otitis media which does not allow me to listen through one of my ears, but is ruled out by the coronavirus“, “he said.