Angelina Jolie it has been operated! New size XL. Attention to what you see in the photo!


April 06, 2020
(17:42 CET)

Angelina Jolie it has been passed the life between success and drama. For the american actress there is no middle ground. After the many rumors in the than was uncomfortable by the closeness between your partner and former Jennifer Aniston, has decided to exploit all of that with a photo bomb from size XL to view. Apparently, this would be his way of demonstrating that it is a new beginning for her.

Health problems have been a constant for the actress in recent years, but, in spite of them, has followed his path of triumph. Some of his followers have questioned certain carelessness in his image from that ended up with Brad Pitt,however, with the next instant there will be nothing more to reproach him.

On a normal day with their children, Angelina was captured by a photographer hidden, which sought to find the worst version of the star. However, it was found with a fresh and sensual Jolie that, your face charming and dominant, as always, joined by a rising front that can not be denied.

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The step by the cosmetic surgeon is the only way to explain the exaggerated increase your black dress enhances it even more.

Angelina Jolie between donations and conflicts

The pandemic has not left anyone indifferent, and less to the actress who has always been with the goal of helping the world. Angelina returned to show their solidarity with various donations to stop the terrible effects of the coronavirus, in their country, where they presented the greatest number of cases.

The other side of the coin and full of conflicts for Angelina Jolie, it has generated with his ex-partner. And is that the children of both have preferred to unanimously pass the days of isolation with her mother, rejecting to Brad Pitt. We’ll see how it ends this never-ending shock to the family, although the most important thing these days is to stay ensconced in the place to be.