“Anon”, “Revealing the truth” and “Under suspicion” are incorporated to Netflix

Netflix incorporates this 1 may three thrillers dramticos Anon Andrew Niccol Amanda Seyfried, and Clive Owen, Under Suspicion from Phillip Noyce with Emilia Clarke and Jack Huston, and Revealing the truth Rob Reiner with Woody Harrelson, Rob Reiner, James Marsden, Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Biel and Milla Jovovich.


The director of GattacaAndrew Niccol returns to the world of science ficcin in this elegant distopa about the end of privacy, starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfreid.

Under Suspicion

The veteran Phillip Noyce (Game of Patriots) addressed to Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Jack Huston (Ben Hur) to bring to the big screen, and to the Tindersticks, who put the soundtrack, the real and chilling story of an agent newly married to the FBI who is sent to a village of mountain of the Appalachian mountains in Kentucky. All starts an affair with a local woman, who becomes his main communicator. She, for her part, sees in l a form of escape from your tired routine. But the reality is that your relationship is a sure road to disaster for both.

Revealing the truth

The real story of how, after the attacks of September 11, the Administration of George Bush desvi public opinion of the guilty Osama Bin Laden to Saddam Hussein, with the goal of having an excuse to go to war with Iraq in 2003.

While figures in the government like Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice to build the case for the legendary weapons of destruction massive de Saddam, journalists affiliated to the news agency Knight Ridder, Jonathan Landay (Woody Harrelson) and Warren Strobel (James Marsden), they hear a very different story of their many internal sources (which do not appear in the film, presumably to continue to protect their identities). However, their reports were dismissed by media veterans such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, who devoted themselves to throw a cloud of dust desinformacin fed by the White House.Currently, the team of journalists from Knight Ridder Newspapers has been called “the nico that acert” on weapons of destruction massive de Saddam Hussein that led to the Iraq war. The director Rob Reiner, which reserves a small but brilliant role in the film, gives the credit that it deserves your work honest and brave.