‘Aquaman 2’: More than 45 thousand fans ask Amber Heard does not participate in the tape – movie News


Some fans of Johnny Depp are still angry with your former wife.

Go that some fans are so faithful as to an actor or actress who are able to do anything to support their favorites. On this occasion we should talk about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, who have been involved in a sway of legal situations after their divorce. Since for some months, there is an online petition that asks Warner Bros. to remove Heard of Aquaman 2as abused physically Depp. The text says as well:

“Amber Heard has been exposed as abusive domestic by Johnny Depp. In your demand of US$50 million, Johnny Depp describes many incidents of domestic abuse that he suffered at the hands of his (then) wife Amber Heardincluding an incident in which he hit twice in the face and another where he broke a finger with a bottle of vodka, and his finger had to be relocated surgically. Take the scar from that for the rest of your life.”

Incredible as it may seem, the petition already has 45 thousand signaturesstill there are many followers of Johnny Depp, who claim not only his innocence, but also the guilt of Amber for allegedly suffer at the actor in his marriage. Let us remember that four years ago the litigation between the two performers began with his scandalous divorcein which Amber was alleged to be the victim of domestic abuse, which included violence on the part of Johnny. The actor responded with an indictment in which was mentioned that the abuser was her and had been subjected to various abuses.

Among which are pears or apples, both have had to go and come from the american courts to resolve the casebut obviously this has divided his followers, who are passionately supported by one or the other.

“As Amber Heard is an abusive domestic well-known and proven, Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment should eliminate Heard of your project Aquaman 2”, mentioned the said request in which it could easily be reversed the roles, as an application similar could apply in vice-versa, and request that Depp will not be involved in more projects for mistreating Heard. In fact, the actor himself has suffered the consequences in the wake of his divorce, because, obviously, no longer is the favorite of Hollywood and even there was controversy behind its inclusion in fantastic Animals: The crimes of Grindelwald.

Obviously Warner Bros. is the one who decides who to hire and who not is their projects, and for now Amber Heard continues its role as Merely to Aquaman 2while Johnny Depp is moving forward with its Grindelwald in fantastic beasts 3.