Aquaman 2: tens of thousands demand that Amber Heard does not appear in the film


The violence is reprehensible at any level, this is what you fervently believe the fans of Johnny Depp. His followers have no doubts about the domestic abuse that the actor is said to have lived while he was married to Amber Heard, so they require that the interpreter does not participate in Aquaman 2. Surprisingly, the petition to bring the actress of the film, because it takes nearly 45 thousand signatures. Are you serious?

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Let’s review this story of toxic love that does not wish any of our readers. In 2016, the couple formed by Mera of Aquaman – 73% and the protagonist of Sweeney Todd: The Barber Demon of Fleet Street – 86% were separated in the midst of a scandalous divorce that was recurrent comings and goings to the Courts of the united States. What are the reasons? Heard accused Depp of physical abuse very severe, even an episode of jealousy, full of violence triggered by the presence of actor James Franco. For his part, Johnny responded with another lawsuit, alleging defamation, since who in fact had abused had been Amber. At the end of last year it was revealed that the trial continued to be delayed, we don’t know if it was because the defense of both be left without arguments, or simply because the ex-partner you want to continue with their lives without so many somersaults legal.

Some months ago we learned through We Got This Covered on the existence of a petition to prevent that Amber Heard return to interpret your character in Aquaman 2. Now, the same media reported that this petition has gained a lot of traction among Internet users, because it is very close to reaching the 45 thousand signatures. It is evident that the source of this is none other than the group of fans Johnny Deppas the accompanying text makes reference to the abuses that he supposedly lived next to the actress:

Johnny Depp brought Amber Heard as abusive household. In your demand of US$ 50 million, Johnny Depp describes many incidents of domestic abuse that he suffered at the hands of his (then) wife Amber Heard, including an incident where he hit twice in the face and another where he broke a finger with a bottle of vodka, and his finger had to be relocated surgically. Take the scar from that for the rest of your life. Since the divorce of Heard of Johnny Depp, she has crossed systematically to ruin Depp in Hollywood.

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The petition goes on to say that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have a moral obligation to eliminate Heard of the next adventure starring Jason Momoa. However, although both Amber and Depp described the facts pretty terrible, the law has not given a resolution in favor of none. And we have no doubt that at this point, and with the fame of both, is difficult to discern between the false accusations, the lies, and what really happened while they were married.

Despite the delicate nature of the situation, some fans have decided to take a stand for these figures. And just as there are those who think that it is absurd that the actress has to leave the second production of Aquaman for a lot of accusations are not proven (and in fact were a response to their distress call early), others, including celebrities, are in favor of Depp. The well-known musician Marilyn Manson, he said to Daily Beast that Johnny had been “crucified” unfairly and that it is anything but a violent person:

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Johnny is one of the most pleasant people that I know, to the extent that it is almost heartbreaking how nice she is with her friends and with all those around you. I know that he was crucified for full, unfairly. (…) Of course, I think everything was shit, and I think that is a great person. Would not agree with any of that if someone put me on the stand and asked me what I know or what I have witnessed.

Aquaman 2 come to cinemas in December 2022.