Becky G boasts its photos more explicit with this heat


Becky G decided to shove him a bit of modesty to social networks during this quarantine, since, like other artists, has shown his best pictures, where, once more, his figure of envy was the cheers of all, and that is that she knows what he has.

In one photo you can see the singer with a wardrobe in black color which made it look elegant, but at the same time showing that indescribable beauty that has made her popular in her videos, where the glances and interaction with the camera and become a bomb.

Another image that came up on the cover of its most recent collaboration with Gente de zona, where Becky was showcased with their movements without neglecting his privileged voice, with which he has placed several hits on the radio.

“That chulada de mujer”, “Becky G’s clear that all your songs are my favorite. I love music, blessings from Colombia”, he wrote to Becky in the publications where it left everyone surprised.

It is worth mentioning that Becky G was characterized in the world of reggaeton for the lyrics of their songs so explicit, in addition to the movements that you use in your clips are of a heart attack, because your followers will let you know each that can.

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