Blake Lively believes that the comments on his make-up in ‘The rhythm of revenge’ were “very offensive”

Blake Lively, will hit the big screen in Spain on march 6, starring in their new feature film, ‘The rhythm of revenge’. Due to this, on the 29th of January he visited the program ‘The Tonight Show’ Jimmy Fallon to talk about the multitude of criticism on her makeup in the movie.

It all started when Lively uploaded a photo to his Instagram where is the saw, on the one hand, with the skin without a single imperfection, and on the other hand, a photo that came out ojerosa and very tired. The fans, who were amazed, they thought that the picture of Lively with dark circles she was without makeup, and that the first she was wearing make-up. However, the reality differed a bit from the comments.

“The makeup artist Vivian Baker I did this look so hard because my family [en la película] has experienced a lot of tragedy. (…) When I posted people said: Wow, Blake shows boldly how it looks before and after makeup!” said the actress.

Not missing the humor

Despite the fact that Blake will take it all to laughter, do not cease to be offensive to you a little the comments, because, she herself has given an account of what it costs to make a makeup as well and you wonder that people think that nothing is working in photography. “Some people think that this is how I look without makeup, which I think is very offensive because it takes an hour to be done.” Even so, in the words of the actress, the other photo where she is with the glowing skin, it also takes the same time to do.

  'The rhythm of revenge'

“I’m going back and forth between my vanity, that wants to say ‘I don’t actually see them as well’ [haciendo referencia a la foto de apariencia cansada] and at the same time wanting to say ‘why do you expect women to wake up with this aspect?’ [haciendo referencia a la primera imagen] It is not realistic that you wake up so beautiful.”

With everything and with that, the next flirty Lively emerges when it recognizes that you would like people to think that she looks a perfect look 24 hours a daythe seven days of the week… as if it were the very Serena van der Woodsen!