Cancels Wolverine, Henry Cavill will be Superman in DC

Henry Cavill has not ceased to be a trend in the last few weeks, first for having been rumored that the british actor would become the new Wolverine that belonged to the Movie universe of Marvel. Time after having filtered a fanart of what it would look like Henry Cavill characterized as Logan. However, and for news of which had already been excited to see Cavill in Marvel, it is said that this will not be possible since he could back to be once more Superman for DC.

Henry Cavill Superman Shazam

New rumors point to that DC and Warner Bros have been in search of Henry Cavill for the actor to return once more to the role that saw him grow in the film, Superman. But this is not a question of a new movie or a new Justice League, but a cameo in Shazam 2 with Zachary Levi and the rest of the cast.

This cameo could be a key piece for the crossover that it plans to do with Shazam and Black Adama film is already in development, starring Dwayne Johnsson. Until now nothing has been confirmed, however the cameo Henry Cavill as Superman it would fit perfect, considering that in the scene post credits a double of the superhero appeared on the scene.

Henry Cavill Superman Shazam

This concludes once more that Henry Cavill it has become one of the actors of Hollywood’s most requested of the moment, in large part for her incredible work as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher; exclusive series from Netflix, which is already in pre-production on the second season.

And to you, how would you like to see more of Henry Cavill, as Superman or Wolverine?